Cant get Eve client to run

Launcher keeps giving me the error “Encountered an error while refreshing token [username]”. What must I do? Been happening all morning today.

The same problem and when I tried to log

had the same, and tried multiple time till was good.
once logged in, it took a bunch of time to get locals and chats loaded… everything was empty, like I was alone connected, but I was able to see some people docked

now it looks ok

Not for me. I still cant log on

Yep, same for me.

Deleted my account from the list and it tooked me 20min to add it again.


Still the same error message.

Moin React - Me too

yep same here numerous attempts to log in launcher

Encountered an error while refreshing token [username]”

removed accounts restarted pc then it logged in

first 2 logins after that had no chat . it eventually popped up

Easy fix: just spam login and eventually it works…

…thats ■■■■■■■■.

GM Spartan reached out and told me they were experiencing login issues. They are fixing it as we speak. Patience is a virtue.

There appears to be a problem with the SSO service since the expansion. Keep trying and it will work. I’m surprised CCP hasn’t posted a notice.

I’m having the same problem. I keep getting the message, “Error cannot play”. I’ve been having this problem since I tried logging in last night. The new expansion has really messed up the login process. As somebody else said, I’m surprised CCP hasn’t posted anything about this issue.

This has been going on for a few days now :thinking:

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