Cant get Eve client to run

(Thyre Telrana) #1

Launcher keeps giving me the error “Encountered an error while refreshing token [username]”. What must I do? Been happening all morning today.

(The JackallL) #2

The same problem and when I tried to log

(Chilli Winter) #3

had the same, and tried multiple time till was good.
once logged in, it took a bunch of time to get locals and chats loaded… everything was empty, like I was alone connected, but I was able to see some people docked

(Chilli Winter) #4

now it looks ok

(The JackallL) #5

Not for me. I still cant log on

(ReacT1337) #6

Yep, same for me.

Deleted my account from the list and it tooked me 20min to add it again.

Still the same error message.

(Walter Matthau) #7

Moin React - Me too

(Martin Walkyier) #8

yep same here numerous attempts to log in launcher

Encountered an error while refreshing token [username]”

removed accounts restarted pc then it logged in

first 2 logins after that had no chat . it eventually popped up

(ReacT1337) #9

Easy fix: just spam login and eventually it works…

…thats ■■■■■■■■.

(Xpncthna Daphiti) #10

GM Spartan reached out and told me they were experiencing login issues. They are fixing it as we speak. Patience is a virtue.

(Do Little) #11

There appears to be a problem with the SSO service since the expansion. Keep trying and it will work. I’m surprised CCP hasn’t posted a notice.

(Mauhur Rakkir) #12

I’m having the same problem. I keep getting the message, “Error cannot play”. I’ve been having this problem since I tried logging in last night. The new expansion has really messed up the login process. As somebody else said, I’m surprised CCP hasn’t posted anything about this issue.

(Drigo Segvian) #13

This has been going on for a few days now :thinking:

(system) #14

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