"encountered an error while refreshing token for username"

Opened 3 tickets so far in the last two months, each of them finished with “we are sorry, we have just deployed a fix and it will never happen again”

CCP probably has the worse team of programmers and QA that i have known so far.


It hit me today several times…

I am a new player . My friend told me to try this amazing game … and I got this. It takes me 1000+ times of trying to enter the game. I think im gonna quit

Try this (worked for me)

Remove the account from the launcher
Shutdown and restart the launcher
Re-add the account back to the launcher

Haven’t seen this error since. YMMV of course.

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Thanks but after re-adding account I got Account validating errors x)

Did you shutdown the launcher between removing and re-adding the account? Actually hit-the-x close it ? If so and it still doesn’t work, sorry.

Best I can say then is raise a ticket via the website …

Yea I did but it doesnt help. Me and my friends got this problem right after the last patch. Anyway thnks for help.

Remove, close launcher, reopen, re-add usually fixes it. This happens occasionally because CCP’s launcher is hot garbage and they can’t/won’t fix it.

have this error 2-3 weeks
“encountered an error while refreshing token”
clear cache work only for first run
second run - have this error
change 3 ISP
change 3 PC
full delete and reinstall game - no change!
need 10-50 click to “run” button


Same problem for me.

CCP says they’re doing their best… I’m thinking they aren’t doing anything at all

Which could be their best.


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