Encountered an error while refreshing token for XYZ

I’m getting this now and cannot start any of my clients. Neither refreshing nor closing and reopening the launcher works. I also cannot logon another client because I get the EULA shown after entering username/password and even if I scroll to the end of the EULA, I do not see an accept button. Only the Cancel button is shown.

EBR-137880 with a log lite file, for whatever it’s worth.

Logging into an EVE website also takes significantly longer now

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Same issue. “Encountered an error refreshing token for account” or words to that effect, for all 4 accounts. Removed all accounts from the launcher and tried to log in again. Entered username and password, clicked “log in” and nothing happened. Finally managed to get just one account logged in, but the launcher is very slow, hangs, and keeps throwing up errors.

Launcher: 1183418.2418

I cannot login any of my 3 accounts with same issue.

Same issue here.

Same here :confused:

Same Issue here

and here

It´s up.

Not really. Have to log in all the accounts yet again to make it work… and it still won’t let me log on some of my accounts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Same here as above. none of my paid or unpaid accounts work with the token refresh error

blue response please!

Same Problem,
1 Char is workin and the other isn’t.

Ok now i logged in here to reply in this post.
After logging in i accepted the update of the Eula and now its working.

Apparently this applies:

this worked for me, the accept button didn’t appear first attempt, but second attempt all was fine.

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i been having the same issue i thought the whole idea to make it easyier to get onto the game but with all the problems ccp made the game harder to get into the game another ccp feature

Its the next CCP fail … and once you delete the account and try to add it again, you end up in an infitite loop of “loading …”

Good Job, CCP, well done !

How often will you have to rewrite the launcher until you finally get it done ?

now it just got infitite loop of loading too thought ccp was trying to get more people to play this game because I getting to point I just going be unsubing my 6 accounts if they cant fix this tripe I lost already day I don’t even know if chars training is skilling, why in earth did they need to rewrite the launcher when it didn’t need fixed " if not broken don’t fix" hope the dev know what that means

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