Launcher issues : Token refresh

(Abadayos) #1

So apparently this is meant to be fixed with Into The Depths. However every single one of my accounts has this issue after DT mainly but 50/50 chance it happens when logging in normally. The only fix I know of that SOMETIMES works is unpijnning the account, repinning it and restarting the launcher.

Can this ■■■■ get fixed eventually? I’ve had it since the .exe got removed across multiple computers and different installs, it’s getting VERY fustrating


I started to have issue wit one char only today now I cant log in with the one and just added 6 month sub wish I hadn’t add the sub now

(BittyDoll) #3

I’ve been having this problem for several days now. Sure do wish ccp would stop screwing with the launcher. Seems like every few days, they break the launcher again :frowning:

(Tvorec Bobra) #4

I have this problem too and i`m frustrated already.

(Draxos Naxos) #5

I also am having the problem of not being able to login due to a token refresh issue

(Draxos Naxos) #6

I solved my problem by deleting the prefilled entry and rewriting my username and password

(Edgar Estemaire) #7

I’ve been having this problem for a while now and none of the tips above seem to work consistently.

(Orin Onren) #8

hey Draxos o/ I have tried your “fix” for this launcher issue and find that sometimes it works, other times it does not. Could you show the steps that you use please? This launcher issue is growing more severe / more frustrating as time continues.

(Caldari Citizen 73466589) #9

I’ve think that is my problem only, but i’ve was wrong. The launcher is peace of s??t. Back ability to logging through client directly.

(Caldari Citizen 73466589) #10

Now have a message “There was an error while validating your account please try again”.
The game just cannot be started.

(hojo warrior) #11

tried everything to get this game to start even tried a complete reinstall of eve but hasnt worked either . This is so fustrating that i cant play the game that im paying for. And getting no help from support


I still getting this bs ccp fix your game ffs

(CKAPM Maken) #13

че блять за хуйня?? не могу зайти в игру!!! ссп пидарасы криворукие когда вы уже перестаните ломать игру???

(Tenika Sidorova) #14

ЦЦП = ДЦП!!! Блять зайти в игру невозможно!!! Вы там друг у друга в жопах ковыряетесь?

(Abstractiveness) #15

launcher release - error
launcher beta - error
uninstall install - error
manual clear C:\EVE\SharedCache, update - error

(system) #16

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