2018/09/24 - Login System Issues

Hey guys,

We’re currently investigating an issue with the login system that’s occured after one of our sol nodes crashed a short while ago.

Apologies for the connectivity issues that are currently happening, the login system is currently under heavy load due to everyone logging back in.

We’re currently looking at this, updates in this thread as they become available :slight_smile:

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17:55 UTC

Multiple node deaths reported, along with login system issues - we are currently investigating.

18:05 UTC

Mass logins after the node death are causing heavy load on the login system - currently investigating the cause of the node deaths.

18:15 UTC

All sercices appear to be online, however the login system is under heavy load from a large number of login attempts.

18:25 UTC

We are currently checking over all services to ensure they’re healhy - login issues continue for some pilots due to heavy load on the system.

18:35 UTC

We are currently continuing to investigate login issues with the Tranquility cluster and hope to have everything resolved soon.

18:45 UTC

The login system now appears to be partially working - we are currently investigating several ongoing issues with it.

18:55 UTC

We’re still investigating issues with the login system. No ETA for a fix at this stage.

19:05 UTC

Tranquility now appears to be stable again, we will continue to monitor the situation.


Hrrrrr rrr

REEEEE my Officer loot.

Props for the quick response. Espesh the notification on the launcher.

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Why does this keep happening over and over? That’s it I’m making all the characters I can for the next round of free SP.


Chat server is again broken. Empty locals in trade hubs, people showing in local that are logged off and cannot log in. :slight_smile:

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yeah, more cookie for me :grinning:

That’s not a bad thing in Jita… :grinning:


Personally, I’m betting that somebody is unhappy about CCP being bought by PA and is DDoSing.

Seems you got cut off mid sentence? what are the updates???


OMG … Crash City!

cant login either

I kinda hoped we were over this

DDoS strikes again?

you kidding ? ccp launcher is made by the same team of amateur programmers


crash & burn!!!

crashed now is throwing errors while validating my account

It crashed hard and fast without warning of any kind … lag or anything …


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Oh dear!

I’d just killed the battleship… wreck better srill be there when i get back :neutral_face: