2019/08/31 - Post Downtime Login Issues

Hey guys,

A fix has been applied to combat login issues that were occuring since Tranquility was restarted for daily downtime.

Keep an eye on this thread for further updates, and please be sure to restart your launcher to apply the fix.

Apologies for the inconvenience this issue with the login system caused.

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11:20 UTC

We are recieving a number of reports of login issues - these issues are currently under investigation.

11:30 UTC

We are currently in the process of deploying a fix for the issue with the login system.

11:44 UTC

The issue has been patched, and should now be resolved.

The supplied authentication token does not allow for EVE client login. Please ensure that you are logging in via the EVE launcher. If this problem persist, please contact EVE customer support.

When this will stop CCP

We pay for this right to play …
We got these issue, event bugged like crazy … no answer only after a week …

Please guys

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I am having same issue as well as I get a Fix Permissions error. Cleared cache no effect. I see by low log ins that others are having the same issue

You need to re-login all your characters in the launcher and it will work again. Good job, CCP, good job.

CCP is aware of the issue and is working on fixing it.

For now this workaround does work: Remove your account(s) from the launcher and re-add them and you can login normally.

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Please forward me 40 billion in lost earnings or i’m suing. Thanks in advance. o/

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Near 40 accs and for each requires to enter an authenticator. Nice!


yes… do it with over 100 accounts…

You have 2 options:

  1. Wait for the fix!
  2. Use workaround, that have been confirmed to work.

Workaround works, but launcher don’t remember accounts. So you will have to re-enter credentials each time you close it.
Don’t ever close the launcher until the fix !

Did you remember to PIN it?

Even the versions of the game and launcher are different. 1376162 and 1376132.

Seems to be working again.

oups my bad
I did check the ‘remember me’, but forgot the ‘pin’ part


O7, seem to be there’re problems with login after dt?
Already tryed to close/open client, reboot pc and reboot router no success :frowning:

I can’t get in either

Only 3500 peoples after DT … seems weird anyway …

They have broken the game again

I cannot log in