OK CCP, Connection issues

So once again I can’t log into the game.

I try to log into support, and that times out also. All network diags show that I can ping and tracert destination servers, I have flushed my DNS. I was logged in with 3 toons when I got booted.

There are 25,000 people logged in currently. I don’t really need you right now, if I can’t log in I am not paying 5 subscriptions. I am getting about done with this crap when downtime I already in the middle of my prime play time.

Oh lookie I can log in again

And broke again

Hey CCP, I wouldn’t be compalining here but its your authorization servers screwing up so I can’t log onto support to whine there.

Now it works

…and down again

Hey CCP I am not paying you to tease me…but then you did invasion. That was a pretty big tease.

Ninja looting isn’t new content.

How about you keep your auth server up long enough for me to put in a ticket.

Don’t try to say its my internet I have been streaming the entire time without a hitch.

Could not connect to the specified address. Odds are that you have not established an internet connection, the server isn’t running, or the server address or port number was wrong.

Funny I have two streams running they work.

What did you screw up CCP?

and it works again

…now to attempt to ticket

Nope didn’t get the ticket in.


Dude. Chill. I’ve been out for an hour. Nothing we can do.

I was on two accounts and one was flying a combat anom when they both got kicked. Now it is all “timed out” so I cannot get back in The diagnostics built into the launcher all say it is “timed out”. Yet my internet is working fine. I am streaming as I type; just like you. Plus, the numbers playing EvE are increasing. It is just frustrating, at the same time as it is not so obvious where the problem is.

All the old forum posts and the generic google posts on any sort of “timed out” errors all point to a break (or too long a loop) somewhere between where we are and EvE. Doesn’t seem to be an easy solution. Just time, in the first instance. Enjoy your streaming and try again after DT.

Or just cancel. These devs could screw up a wet dream.

Just a data point - I’ve been on and off with 2 clients for 5 hours now, including several relogs - I’ve had no problems whatsoever. Are you two anywhere near each other, geographically ?

No Idea I am in Japan.

So once again…an unacknowledged failure in my prime. This happens regularly.

…because no one is at work yet.

But hey I am logged in…I can’t dare do anything but I am in game for now.

Oh and the stream from MotoGP.com has to be in the ballpark of the London datacenter.

What is CCPs excuse?

and broke again.

Geographically, no. Timezone wize, yes. Which has implications for routing, ultimately.

In what way ?

But Just CCP.

Again, I can stream the races from Dorna all day and all night without a hickup

That is with all the things like 2-3 computers and 5 cells connected to the router

First step…check your connections…