All Day last 3 days, Ugh

Very worst i have seen


me as well I’ve lost 3 different ships on 2 different acs. ccp will fix it, it just might take some time this time. probably the worst DDOS attack they’ve had yet.

I hope they do. My only concern is how long will they take, and what is their priority level? I cant play unless I vpn from the east coast to Colorado, or to another country and then login.

The priority is defiantly very high, CCP brought in there partners to help but I don’t see anything getting better. I am definitely worried due to the fact that a lot of people want something because they cant play but that will only inspire more DDOS attacks.

True. Some people have no respect and compassion for others. Sickening.

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I live in wormhole space. We got a connection to jita only 6 jumps away. Well, it was 6 jumps and 5 dcs. If i got dropped in j-space id be dead, or locked out of home. Trust me I get it

I hope the feds are involved in this. Would love to hear about this basement dwelling loser getting caught and losing all his toys. What a pathetic brat.

It would have to be interpol btw.

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My game play was fine the past few days but, starting today, I am also getting the "failed to establish a connection … " error.
Best of luck CCP getting this under control, I’ll be standing by.

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