2020/01/27 & 28 - TQ under DDoS

[edit] A DDoS attack occurred at 17:20 which has caused disconnections and problems logging in to Tranquility. We are working to try to restore service.

[edit] We have experienced further severe attacks at approx 03:55 and 04:25 which caused more disconnects and login issues that also affected the EVE website. We’ve been working with our partners through the night and we apologise for the ongoing instability.

[edit] Attacks resumed at approximately 20:05 UTC and is causing widespread connectivity issues. Our engineers are working on the problem right now. We will keep you updated here and at https://twitter.com/EVE_status


Today, shortly before 9:00 AM UTC Tranquility has come under Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) which resulted in losing connection to the game. Our team has put necessary measures in place to limit the impact. We are monitoring the situation and will keep you inform on the progress.

Thank you for your understanding.

The situation is under control and pilots can log back in to EVE. Our team is keeping a close eye on the traffic to ensure immediate response should things take a turn for the worse. Affected pilots should reach out to our customer support team to discuss potential compensation. Thank you.


Already submitted tickets for compensation of worm and implants…

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That must suck for you guys. Sadly this time I am also affected :frowning:


There’s going to be a lot of people asking for compensation because of this.

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difference between before DDoS and after of logged on people around 15k…

good news, only I lost two ships into emerging conduit

It’s no worries, and thanks to you and all involved in sorting it out.

I would ask that you do keep an eye on it though as the interruption of service meant I actually went outside and I must say I did not enjoy that one bit.

As for the compensation, I was in… yeah, I was in a Titan. The Amarrian one. You know, the one that looks like a Mushroom-O-Death. And my implants were really expensive too. Give me a while to Google what they were and I’ll pop in a ticket to get them replaced. I legit had them, but I just can’t remember their names right now cos of the trauma of the DDoS.

But mainly, thanks for sorting it out again.


Hi, Seems to not be resolved, just had mass disconnects literally minutes ago, any information available from CCP to confirm if its DDOS or just server failure?


Got very laggy, disconnected and cannot reconnect. I think a new DDoS is underway


Being disconnected every 5 minutes

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time to give up responding to the tickets and just hand out skill injectors en masse lol


hey CCP now its happening again

Laggy…Can’t log second account…freezes…dammit

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Way to much lag to do anything but log off and give up!


I created my first character Dec 2013, lots of characters, ships, accounts and a bunch of other stuff under the bridge since. While in sympathy with the inherent issues involved in running such a massive creation if CCP can’t get their act sorted out it’ll be time to go. I hate to, as I love the freedom of the sandbox, but if play time becomes naught but failed log on attempts there isn’t a whole left for me here at Eve.


Can I have your stuff?


you might need to consider that after a mass disconnection event the authentication server is probably getting hammered into meltdown mode at the moment…also…gimme your stuff

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Please contract all your stuff to me ingame before you do though thanks.

Cos clearly some idiots are doing this at CCPs request only to piss you off personally.

But seriously - contract the stuff to me thanks.

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sorry all these dudes are so bitter and mean - i feel for you
you can contract your stuff to me in spirit of goodness and mental health!


Sell all your stuff. Buy Plex and donate to the Plex for Good.
Or just give me your stuff and i will sort :wink:

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