2018/08/01 - DDoS Attack!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Hey guys,

Tranquility is currently being stabilized after a severe DDoS attack.

We are currently working to bring services online, and re-establish playability for all those who were disconnected.

Sincerest apologies for this interruption.

More info can be found in this thread, with updates below.

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Unable to log in right now
(CCP Falcon) #2


15:15 UTC

We are currently investigating the cause of a mass disconnect that dropped ~7,000 pilots. Please stay tuned for more information.

15:30 UTC

Investigation is still ongoing as we check our login servers and the health of Tranquility.

15:45 UTC

Investigation into these issues is still ongoing. We sincerely apologize for the interruption to gameplay.

16:00 UTC

The source of the issue has been confirmed to be a DDoS attack against Tranquility and associated services. We are currently working to stablize things and resolve the situation.

16:15 UTC

Connectivity to Tranquility has now been restored and the cluster is behaving normally. we are currently monitoring the state of the cluster.


18:15 UTC

Numerous reports of login issues are being received now, we are currently working on investigating the cause of these problems.

18:30 UTC

Tranquility is now stable again - We are monitoring performance and network stability.

2018/08/01 - Login Server Issues
(Warrior Xena) #3

you keep investigating the same issue for weeks now.
covert ops bug.

(Zachri) #4

Well, after the Devblog on the Summer Challenges a lot of CCP staff were enthusiastic to get to work and tackle any and all issues, after all, they have such wonderful, sweet and adoring customers. On top of that, the Hamsters that run the EVE server cluster are pretty awesome too.

But in order to work hard, you have to eat well. So people did just that.

But they had this one trainee, who saw a book title at CCP’s office, and got things a little mixed up.

So, this happened …

(miner1 otomeya) #5

Whelp guess the north gets its keepstar saved for free
hahahaha Made you form Goons

(GallacticostaR Stevens) #6

I mean…can we have a few more free SP please? that could help a bit…

(Rev J Stax) #7

Really… again?

(Old Pervert) #8

Would rather that happen if there’s a hull timer; we’re more than ready for this fight. Assuming, of course, we can log in.

(Sean Finchy) #9

Same ■■■■ different day!!!

(CCP Falcon) #10

(Asmod4y) #11

I thought I was having a seizure :stuck_out_tongue: Lag is horrendous, can’t do anything in game.

(Jay Amazingness) #12

won’t someone please think of the excavators!

(Jonas Skypilot) #13


(Veritas Myth) #14

More skill points needed…

(Black Ambulance) #15


thanks CCP ,

(Whitehound) #16

Yep, game seems to have tanked again. :sadparrot:


(Retainer of Souls) #17

same here …

(ExcalibursTemplar) #18

Yeah the game just went tits up, I had to open up task manager just to be able to close the game down. Now i can’t log back in.

(tina townend) #19

Will we get free skillpoints for this

(Ted Satin) #20

What a hell again???