TQ under DDoS attack - 12 January 2020 [RESOLVED]

Is the server not restarting properly? Can’t connect but it shows online and only 9 players.

12.01.2020 @ 12:38 UTC
Changed title to clarify that Tranquility has been under a DDoS attack. The situation is currently under control and we are monitoring the situation. Report any further issues in this thread. Thanks!
CCP Dopamine

same problem can’t login uk

broken again…

Same here Uk

Started just before DT with huge lag

Logged in, but great lag in the market in Rens

I bet CCP will blame DDoS.


Same here… Was kicked out in the last minutes before dt. Just logged in and bang… Groundhog day!

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Got in and then lost connection

Forum is also bad!

I was able to get in for like 3 minutes then I got kicked out again. -_-

Connection lost, UK.

Well done CCP, you sure now how to mess up people’s Sunday. all you had to do was reboot the server but even that failed.

cant log in either

Yoohoo CCP…
My poor drones are still out in space…

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Just go play pokemon go or something, you clearly dont like this game.

server is back up

Why, because I dare to tell what others thinnk?
I love this game, just not the mess CCP is makig over and over again.

looks like this game do not like us :slight_smile:

You negativity is everything thats wrong with this game.

go run a server with thousands and thousands of people, and see if you can do better. :wink:

Finally managed to log back in but chat is still out… CCPlz!