Again a day with lag rubberbanding and connection issues

Since a couple days it seems eve online servers are under hard pressure from ddos and also today i came back online and the issues bgeun, disconnects, rubberbanding, lagg and such things are now the daily deal ?

Same … logged in today … couple of hours ago … went to Jita … undocked and it just went all black. I could see the chat rolling, but it just froze at the undock in a black screen. Now I can’t log in anymore.

Yesterday the same … warped to a gate… initiated the jump and it froze and had to log off. Many of my alliance members had similar issues at the same time.

client just crashed again for me unable to login

There’s another round of DDoS -attacks going on that CCP are dealing with. There’s not much you can do against it except to endure. Take a break. Go outside or play something else for a day. DDoS will pass.

I wouldn’t count on them fixing this anytime soon. This was FOUR YEARS AGO:

You think that someone lost a geddon and is pissed that they can’t play Eve very well??

Guess someone with mommy issues is throwing a fit.

3rd evening same problems with conections, WTH with you CCP!!!

5 days same problems with connections, even reinstall doesn’t help. I think StarCitizen attacking EVEonline. If eve will die, I will back to real life, but for sure I will not play SC. :smiley:

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