Unable to login

Crashed around Jita. Can’t login anymore. 2 accounts and 2 machines.

Clients can’t connect to Tranquility


Same, logged out now 35 mins later cannot establish a link with server

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Looks like the severs went down was getting very bad lag just befor crashing out

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Odd - one of my two accounts,the mission one, has locked twice and now can’t relog in, other account doing follow up salvaging, on same machine, working okay…

(In the UK btw)

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located in Maryland USA and you are not alone in not being able to connect… hope CCP are monitoring alerts and working the issue.

it let me in from Missouri, but it’s pretty dang bad right now lag wise, seems it’s server wide

Just got in myself… it is laggy…

Tranquility recovered from the attacks earlier today and was stable until a recent resumption in DDoS attacks. Everyone at CCP who can do anything about this has dropped everything and is scrambling all over it. We’ll be keeping you updated as best we can here and over at: https://twitter.com/EVE_status


Thanks for the update

I am unable to log in. CCP Convict does its best to his ability.

Yep got dropped by the server 3 times, also quite a bit of lag

Can’t login as well. It’s stopping right after “Done processing bulk data”

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Same here, hangs on “done processing data”

Wont do server hand shake. Server went from 22+k players down to 14k. I guess they fixing what ever hamster is attacking it.

EDIT: Disregard. EVE confirmed it was a DDoS attack just after I posted this.

Same problem. I did a tracert and things go bad once they hit an anti-DDoS service called “Neustar”.

I am curious. Can we get other to also run a trace route to see if the problem is common?

To run a trace route:
Open a command prompt (type CMD in your windows search bar)
Next type the following:

tracert -w 10000 tranquility.servers.eveonline.com

The “-w 10000” gives a 10 second wait time before timeout on a request so it will take a bit to run.

EVE Status

A DDoS attack occurred at 17:20 which has caused disconnections and problems logging in to Tranquility. We are working to try to restore service.


I was able to login again

I had a similar issue earlier. Still hacking a can on one account and cant log in with other. Now cant log at all

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Из-за этой проблемы у меня был сбит корабль не дешёвый. Пишу в поддержку но они не отвечают.
Подскажите куда писать и как вернуть корабль из-за проблемы сервера?

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