[Resolved] 20240616 - Login server issues

UPDATE 16:20 The tranquility login server is back online and accepting connections. We will continue to monitor, but we do believe we have resolved the underlying issue. Thank you all again for your patience, and fly safe!

UPDATE 16:05 We believe we have identified the issue causing problems to the login server. We will continue to monitor.

UPDATE 15:25 Developers are still investigating the underlying issue causing problems to the login server. They are attempting a maneuver to alleviate the traffic while concurrently investigating possible causes and potential vendor conflicts. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE 14:26 UTC: Web services are also affected, and players who are in-game may experience unusual behavior such as missing system names and autopilot issues. We are continuing to investigate.

We are currently experiencing an issue with our login servers which is preventing players from logging in to Tranquility. We are investigating the problem.

We will update this post as the situation develops.


Fix pls i am having withdrawls…
Need to continue my quest for escalation its been 10yr since i seen one


it also i keeping people from even authenticating there accounts. launcher failed to authenticate and than subsequently removed the failed account


does this mean ill have to go out on a sunday? cmon guys please


Cant log into accounts on eve mainpage either.

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and you cant log in on the support page either, broken and cant report its broken, Epic level

Oh wow a new feature, I’m brand new again…


Speedtest is giving me triple digit upload and download speeds with low 30 pings! Such good gaming connection speed being wasted. :sob:

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I swear I didn’t touch anything.


Happy Father’s Day UK Dad’s

It’s fine, take the day off Frostpacker can log in later!

Server hamsters went to celebrate this morning with their fathers…?

While a third party program, EveMon is starting to pop up error messages as it attempts to gather data from Tranquility.

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It’s Sunday, CCP servers be like



Seems like CCP is telling us to go outside, touch some grass and talk to actual people. That’s just cruel.


That sounds terrible. Is it catching?


have you tried turning it on and off again?

jokes aside, likely a cache issue with loads of new sessions


And this my children is how I met your mother.


Number of logged in players droped from 34 000 to 24 000… Which means, that under normal circumstances, in less of an hour 10 000 players log in and logout of the game. On regular summer sunday.

not only that.
no systemnames, no skins, no routes, no…

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Nah, that would require you to go outside and meet her. You’d trash the image that all EvE players are allergic to the outdoors. :slight_smile:


Or maybe people encountered issues, logged out to restart and could not log back in