Lag & Rubberbanding

(NiChOlAz) #1

Has anybody else noticed alot of lag of rubberbanding? 3-5s delays @CCP_karkur ?

(Sameli Adelora) #2

Yeah, its horrible. I have had slight lag for the last few days but this morning its unplayable. It takes 5-6 seconds to do anything on the market. Its like tidi comes to Jita.

(Aya Audeles) #3


(Ursula Thrace) #4

I’ve experienced severe lag and rubber-banding in multiple systems since I logged in 2 hours ago.

(SnakeTheBest) #5

i having alot of socket closed cannot complete login witout a socker closed

(Tater-nuts) #6

The lag is horrible today, many players complaining in chat channels as well. Hopefully this is not the new norm.

(Hekssas Ellecon) #7

3-5 seconds of lag is much better than what I’m getting right now. Some actions take up to 15 seconds to execute after clicking on it for me today after I logged in after downtime.

(Consistency) #8

same here, its unplayable. waiting for some answers and reaction on this issue. not a single notification or any news that it is worked on.

(Chuck Urkel) #9

So over 10 hours with game unplayable and no response from CCP.

Since EVE is now a business hours only operation, I assume our Monthly subscriptions will be reduced?

(James Gear) #10

Indeed it has been completely unplayable all day for me. 10+ second delays to do anything at all.

(Nevyn Auscent) #11

Check your route.
It might be nothing to do with CCP and unless you’ve all opened tickets they might not even know.

(Gabarik vonTrotta) #12

Same here. I thought it was bad, socket closed every 3-10 minutes. Then I got to Jita…


This game has been for the most part unplayable the entire day for me. It seems many commands lag 10 seconds or more and others go ignored. For myself, this was not the case yesterday or ever before. Also getting random socket closures. The frequent lag / unresponsiveness makes it so I cannot risk to undock anything.

(Lothar Mandrake) #14

EDIT - Update - After this mornings downtime, all issues resolved in my post. Thank you CCP!

Yep, was offline hours early tonight after I just couldn’t take any more. Automatically assumed it was my ISP and beat them up for an hour. Confirmed speeds of 400 down / 20 up made me realize it wasn’t them. On to my PCs. Every other game works perfectly, no lag. Sorry CCP, you own this screw up lag mess today. I kinda got the idea when I saw only 16,000 pilots online when there should be 24,000-30,000 online during the same times over the last few weeks. Whatever the issue is, please fix it. A notice saying we are working on it would have been nice before I went off on my ISP for no reason.

(Nevyn Auscent) #15

It’s not like there are on average 15ish jumps between you, your ISP and CCP which have nothing to do with either your ISP or CCP.

(Warmeister) #16

Given how many people are having issues with this, it would be good if CCP could investigate and issue a statement.

(quefeo) #17

horrible lag since yesterday, my neighbourhwith a diferent isp provider has no lag :frowning:
other games working fine…

(Nevyn Auscent) #18

May be a DDos somewhere on the net that isnt ccp related then. Or could be targeted at Ccp by someone raging at the sale. Though if it was aimed at ccp I would expect news

(Black Ambulance) #19

It’s a preparation for tomorrow’s expansion. Lol

(Consistency) #20

And we have the same issue here, even worse with 15+ secs delay and disconnects.
No announcments, no “we work on this issue”. Nothing.

How can I react to this?