Lag around EU evening hours

Pretty much everyone I play with is complaining about horrific lag in EU evening hours.

People will start unsubbing if this is not fixed soon.

Please acknowledge the problem and take steps to fix it.


getting impossible to play in europe, market offers can take up 1 min !!!
yesterday i stopped playing, so much lag in middle of a battle , luckely i survived…
please fix this,
PS: its not my connection play everything else no problem

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Yep… I was wondering if my connection was on the blink, but I’m clearly not the only one.

I just logged out because half the time I couldn’t tell where I was and whether I was still shooting… Not to mention staring at neverending gate jump animations or blank dialog windows.

I’ve learned to expect lag and rubberbanding especially on weekend evenings (CET), but today was simply ridiculous. Downright unplayable.

This has been going on for months – I commented in a similar thread in september – and it seems to be getting worse.

Still hoping anyone can shed some light on this… :neutral_face:

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Same here (EST player), only thing I can add is that it appears to be worse in low sec than high sec which is strange. I would warp in once but it would graphically display it as if I warped in, through my warp spot, then bring me back to where I was warping from and do it again. It did this x3 before it finally caught up.

On jumping star gates, I have the jump animation play then when it finally is done jumping there is only 30 seconds left on my jump cloak. This is the only program that I am experiencing this type of delay in.

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I live in Solitude, and experienced this in both hi- and lowsec today. Continuing into null seemed like a bad idea under these circumstances, so I didn’t try :slight_smile:

It was also noticeable while scanning on a recent wormhole trip (chain from Thera into Placid, last friday), but nothing as bad as tonight.

One’s location in New Eden doesn’t seem to matter much; it seems to coincide with moments of high player count / server load.


Many are having this issue. I REALLY hope CCP will do something about it. Its always around 22.00 :frowning:

My issues consistently starts around 1700 eve and only gets worse and worse towards 2100 then only SLOWLY gets better again, this invovles rubber banding, timeouts lasting up to 10 seconds and more on login/opening windows jumping gates and the works.

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Another evening of being unable to enjoy basic gameplay because of nonsense rubberbanding and lag.

Games are supposed to get better performance as time goes on and infrastructure develops, not worse. If I was paying a subscription, I would’ve cancelled it today.

Same for me and some colleagues… We just running missions in space with less than 10 player in local… Was close to loose my ship becaus of laggs arount 10 - 15 sec… actually no fun to play…

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