Hello Everyone

I have a bigger problem, I get lag or delay lag all the time, especially in the evening and at night when there are many online, people are being teleported all around, I have it all the time, and not just on the undock or jump, every 5-10 sec In many hours, large ships or people flying fast are teleported a little forward.

Sry for bad quality i have filmed it with my phone.

I have tried to put all graphics down, and putting it all up makes no difference .
i try restart my route.
I have 1000 Mbit internet and on speedtest my ping is 15-20 Pc are on
I now have it for last 7 day

Someone who knows what it could be? or somthing i can try to fix it? i have try everything i know and now i am lost what to do. :confused:

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Hi Haramil,
When you say, you have tried everything what have you tried so I can establish whether I can or can’t offer you advice.
Kind Regards

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Hello Luke

I have try restar router, is dont help but problem have going on for over 7 day now
I try run 1000 ping to in CMD, and in all ping i have around 14 to 30 M/S
I try logon alt char still have problem
I try run Network Diagnostic
I clar all cache
I Try set all graphics to low

I try follow my pc CPU GPU Ram, and is never get over 50% when i play eve online

I am running out of idea what I can try more, But have notice today problem is not there in the morning when there are not so many in system, only when there are many I get it very much

Same here. I don’t think it’s an issue at the players’ end.

I haven’t been putting in much EVE time lately on account of RL matters, but I do pop in daily just to keep everything ticking over and maybe run a quick combat site when I have time to spare.

Nothing in my setup has changed. But over the past few weeks I’ve noticed increased delays, rubberbanding, glitches, etc… Slow UI response. Weapons that don’t visibly start cycling until 5 or more seconds after I’ve pressed the button to fire them, which throws me off. Sites that take over ten seconds to appear (“Did someone clear this already? Why’s the marker still here then? Oh, I’m not there yet — wait, I am. Hey, where’s my shield gone? OH SH—“)

It’s noticeably worse in the evening, lunch sessions are less affected (CET time zone). Feels like a side-effect of lots of stuff blowing up elsewhere in New Eden…


thanks for reply

It’s good to know, I have talked to many ppl today about it and there are many who have same problem :confused:

I have running some test today, i setup 3 computer with 3 different internet, all have the same problem in bigger fight and if there are many in local or on grid.

the funny thing is that my laptop old poor laptop with mobile had the least lag spike :sweat_smile:

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