Extreme lag

What is going on with eve’s servers right now? Every single day between 3 and 8 EST im getting so much lag the game is basically unplayable. I almost lost my kronos to it and I lost a bomber to it the other day… I am getting 3-20 seconds of lag on modules, warps, gates… even getting 2-5 second delays on opening different windows. I’ll get into combat and sometimes the game just plays in a loop for 20 seconds and then everything that occured over that 20 seconds suddenly happens at once.
I also get disconnected 1-2 times a night.

I have consistently tested my internet speed and i have a very high quality 80 up/80 down connection. I will immediately switch over to league of legends, wow, guild wars, ARK, COD and ill get zero latency issues so there is no way it has anything to do with my connection. My computer system is also a very fast i9900 overclocked, 2080ti, 32gb ram, hard wired to the router…


I don’t know about every day, but TODAY is really bad. I suspect it’s the event. It always gets laggy at the beginning of an event like this.

I have the same problem., lagging is extreme.
And yea the problem last for about 5 to 6 hours.
It happens for me between 16.00 to about 23.00 eve time. i live in Europe
Its all fine in other timezone, and i had the problem for 2 to 3 weeks now, happens every day
i have spike that locks the game for 20 sek sometimes, or even every gate jump there is traffic control
Im sitting on a 40 down, 10 up connection.
Tried to reset router. (nothing)
Contacted my interprovider, they dont see any problems.
What to do. :frowning:

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I found that most of my problems were resolved by disabling sound in EVE.
Reduces my enjoyment of the game in regards to “realism”, but playing with no sound took care of at least 90% of my lags, especially the little 3-10 second types.

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