Everything is lagging

The game has been lagging for the past week, everything is lagging af, and I am in Canada east coast

D-scan takes 10 seconds to complete, locking target animation plays forever, damage log does not work, jumping through gates takes 60 seconds, close the game takes forever, what is wrong with the server? Only Eve has this problem, I can browse and play other stuff no problem

If you are the only one getting lag, it’s probably on your end.

This forum lights up every time the servers hiccup. And they’re not lit up this past week.

You can check in the Issues sub-forum and see if anyone has been having your problem and found a fix for it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Could be your third world internet.


then why is everything other than eve working completly fine without not a single problem?

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Sometimes EVE works in slow motion. It happens to me also, but rarely. There’s nothing you or your ISP can do.
If your pc works EVE through Steam, you can go to your library and try to re-download the last update by first reverting to an older one, closing everything then reopening Steam and re-downloading the latest update. No guarantees but it’s worth a try.
When that happens to my client it doesn’t last but a few days, never for weeks at the time.
Hope the problem resolves itself quickly for you.

Your connection to CCP’s servers travels via other ISP and the ISP used depends on your location, your ISP’s contracts and just “the flow of the internet” which is affected by how expensive the different hops are and if there are issues or not. If it’s not you (because other stuff works fine) and if it’s not CCP (because if it were the forums would be raging) it’s the connection in between.

Generally what happens is that some routing changes because of costs but that causes issues, or the one you’re using suddenly has issues, and after a while they figure that out and it gets changed. It’s not something you can do anything about nor CCP can do anything about.

Their “influence” at BEST is to ask “the internet” if they could pretty please fix or change the routing but that solution generally takes far more time than “the internet” figuring it out for themselves.

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East coast here - Our internet is just fine thank you- – your problem doesn’t even sound like networking lag.

56k modems are available, they are probably an upgrade :slight_smile:

I’d like to thank the one other person in East coast Canada who plays Eve for giving our seal blubber powered internet a bad name.

I get my 200mbs down by chaining 10,000 56k modems together on a moose powered Zamboni.

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Like Mr Epeen said, the problem is probably on your end since there aren’t a bunch of other players complaining. Of course, the question now is what could be screwing with Eve that isn’t screwing with other games?

I guess the first step would be to try to figure out if the problem is with your computer or your ISP. Well, actually, your first step should be to file a support ticket in order to get in line. However, for you second step, try running a traceroute and download test, and post the results (with the launcher open, right click on the icon in the system tray, and then select network diagnostics) .

And when you do get this resolved, please come back and tell us how you fixed it. Might help the next guy with the same problem.
No P2W

hand in all 6-2 tapes and the servers will be restored…

Yesterday many disconnects in fleet. Basically every few minutes someone was gone, then relogging, rewarping.

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Okay, maybe it is server side then.

Maybe, but it could have been also certain coutry specific issue, as the members of fleet were mainly from one country. This means there could have been some problem along the route, on some hop.



A well know practice among internet providers is Traffic shaping
In short, if your provider’s choice is between “everything lags a bit” and “Eve lags like hell, everything else works fine” is probably they took the last.

They said don’t touch ANYTHING!

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