Up to one minute lag!

Since downtime I’ve been lagging. The game is unplayable. Docking into a structure takes about a minute sometimes. Locking targets in a confessor takes 20 seconds or so. Constant rubberbanding in warp. Right click menus take 20 to 30 seconds. Sometimes the game would just crash.

Someone let me know when this will be fixed. I won’t bother logging in until then.

Why not ask if others are experiencing a problem instead of assuming a server issue.? I’ve experienced no lag over the past 2 hours - odds are the issue is somewhere between you and the servers. There are no QoS guarantees on the Internet!

Quite a few others reporting the same thing; I had similar issues yesterday but it sorted itself eventually. I was able to pretty definitively confirm the problem was with an early hop on my AT&T route, and it took at least 8 hours to fix.

Got the same problems since yesterday… lagging like hell, game unplayable.

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That issue is not from CCP its a Issue in the Global Internet Structure
You need to Talk with your ISP’s
IN Germany we had the same issue weeks before with the same reason “Level 3 Merge with CenturiLink”
there have a routing issue in there network

After my ISP switched from Level3 to Above the issue was no more exist

I’ve got several people in corp with the same issue. There’s also a reddit thread.

Tell them to contact their ISPs, not whine at CCP for something they cant even fix.

EvE constantly stops responding simply trying to login. I had the socket close just undocking.


I noticed there was a cumulative windows update pending. I did those updates and it logged on second try. The game is also responding normally to commands.

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