Eve lagging / problems with log in ? 9/09/2018

Hey there pilots !
Can someone please tell me what is wrong with the EVE ? All day got difficulties geting to my profiles , and when i do get on it everything is working like a crap.

I’m not sure what can be tthe source of problem , first i blame my ISP and connection but was pretty crapy for few hours but after it came back to normal EVE still does have the problems ?

Any suggestions ?

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Its not just you. Seems many are having this problem since restart today to include myself. For me it got better for an hour or two and then returned to garbage.

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I’ve been having the same problem all day, just thought it was me! Good to know I’m not the only one.

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Same for me, UI is lagging, taking 30-60 seconds to switch from 1 window to another, lagging in space, delays for everything, connection is fine, other games fine, cleared cache, nothing worked.


For me almost everything is quite laggy. I estimate my game keeps running at a poor 10-15 fps (my laptop usually can do 60 fps no problem but since eve online is so big I wouldnt be surprised to see 40-50 fps but 10-15 is just ridiculous.

My process is the same. Cleared the whole game out and redownloaded everything. Idk what the issue is.

Right now my EVE LAUNCHER is getting new version but it’s going slow as f*** with downloading it … CCP rly ? what is going there ?

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