Just curious if anyone is experiencing unusual lag today. For some reason its taking so long to go from launcher window to actually being in the game. Sometimes its like 3 to 4 mins of the BSOD before my toon loads so i can play :frowning:

Nope. Either a local issue or there’s a big fight going on somewhere.

If you mean local as in my isp then nope. Can play any of my other games including FPS ones without any issue. Only seems to be EVE. I even made sure i had stopped the download of my midget porn :slight_smile:

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I’m having an issue too. Game takes several minutes to log in, and once it does everything is loading very slowly, started about 90 minutes ago. I didn’t change any setting in the game or on my PC. the game worked fine, I got some lunch, then it was slow.

Where you from ? AU here

For me, EVE has also been much laggier than in prior months. Rubber-banding, probes not launching immediately, modules activating delayed, etc.

Well launcher just had a 225mb update and now i can hit login and 15 secs later i am ingame.
Dunno if coincidence or not