After launcher issues, game lags so bad its not playable

Yesterday at 22:59 submitted ticket
using new launcher on new gaming pc for 2 weeks now without issues. 3 fully subscribed accounts , played this morning , log off midday, now log in is not possible . Authentication goes through , log in complete message appears, the character window appears, i can see the silouhettes of the last screens windows (overview, dscan, locations) for one second than the launcher re-appears. I restarted the pc, in tried all 3 accounts, i tried to clear the cache unsucessfully because the settings page dissappears the second i try to click on the tab, Quite unhappy tbh, paying 3 full omega subs for 12 month each since 10 years now.
GM Chrysalis, GM Peanut and GM Chaos worked on it .
1:22 PM (24 minutes ago)
to EVE


between yesterday 15:00 (all worked fine, logged off) and yesterday 22:00 ( launcher problem occurred first) nothing had been changed, modified, downloaded, altered, added or deleted. The pc was just sitting there. So something happened between these 2 time points and I can for sure say it was not on my side - all I know is that you guys were ramping up for the new launcher roll out today . I followed all of your suggestions, did Windows SFC and DISM , checked drivers ( on a PC that just 2 weeks ago got fully installed ) and scanned everything. Now the game starts but it is not playable at all - it lags to the extend that when i click to expand the menu, it takes 30 seconds to show the “quit game” button . Restarted several times, nothing helps .
I understand that its an initial reaction to put the blame on the user / hardware side but in this case, its simply not true or possible.

I ve been playing since 2014, paying more than 300 bucks a year to play on 3 omega toons, just spend 2k on a brand new gaming laptop, (and everything worked JUST FINE untill last night, 22:00) so please give me more than “take your pc to a technician” thats a pretty shitty response, tbh

does anyone have any ideas ?

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same problem here having issues logging in , when i’m logged having lags in game :confused:


No login issues.

But does seem to lag a lot more now. :dizzy_face:

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i can log in and play for about 2 mins before it DCs me anyone with that issue

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i just received a lengthy reply by GM Chaos explaining that the Exit code: -1073741819 error, also known as c0000005 , is a known issue and points towards a manufacturers problem (backed with a series of error messages they found from the logs . I am just not buying it that things worked smoothly as silk for 2 weeks and then all of sudden : boom ( at the date where the new launcher is rolled out for good)


Same issue here, you explained it perfectly. I have submitted multiple bug reports. No resolution. I have stopped all payment on my 8 accounts now. Why should I pay if I can not play. Sad because I love Eve…playing since 2012.

Still an issue for me, Supp # 2173966, I can get login, that is no proble, game will not load, abends out, no error code given. Even tried to installed Eve client to a new windows machine, same exact issue. Been over a week now. I even tried a different IP address, still same issue.

ok, I feel bad, but after a full week, looking at and re-looking at my accounts, eve client, I FINALLY figured it out. 1st - I went into Eve and altered all my sign in w/new passwords, then 2nd, I saw in my Windows display adapter an error code 23, but for months it has been working fine this way. So I thought lets try to get this working properly. Found the proper AMD Radeon 580 driver from AMD web site, went through an install that forced a reboot. Re-removed my eve client cache, and restarted game with Direct X11 (not 12) and BOOM all SUCCESSFUL. I feel stupid, but it does seem the new Eve client does have harsher requirements on any display adapter showing any smallish issues.

got same problems… my con is very good and no other problems. just as statet by the others the game dont responds for seconds if not minutes.