Launcher Login Issue

I’m experiencing login issues like probably many other players

  1. The gamme freezes after “loading bulk data”.
  2. after I restarted it multiple times, I can choose a character, but nothing happens.
  3. After restarting another multiple times, I can login to the game, but every action is very laggy (it takes up to 5 minutes to display the market data or messages (ANYTHING!)
  4. after loggin in a few more times finally everything works fine.

basically it takes like 15 minutes constantly working with the task manager and killing eve until I get a good connection.
im (EU) based.

Exact same issue!! Just started today, in fact. Got in yesterday with no problems on 2 separate accounts. Today, can’t login, game freezes while loading character select screen.

Same issue here. It happened last Saturday and the same again this Saturday.
I opened a ticket, was told to run some tests which I did and didn’t hear anything back.
No answers, very frustrating!!

У меня такая же проблема! Играть невозможно! Разберитесь пожалуйста!

I think the epic game launcher might interfere with the eve client… maybe because they both use some amazon service… idk
but if I quit epic, eve works everytime ^.^

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