Stuck at Login complete - Processing bulk data

In my wisdom I decided to re-install EVE and nuke everything as I was doing a general reformat/tidy up of my machine.

Ive opened the launcher and it downloaded a bunch of files. Looks like its completed. When I try to run a client it gets stuck at the processing bulk data.

I have a suspicion the client didn’t finish downloading all the files as the connection here is a bit patchy.

Is there a way to check/prompt the client launcher to keep downloading ?

Having the same issue as well. It seems logging in is a hit or miss affair. sometimes it takes up to 5 attempts before it finally works. Other times it won’t work at all (5 attempts is my limit since, that’s all my patience can afford).

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Try refreshing the client. Chances are it downloaded a bunch of files and installed but it needs to download more files. My internet connection is fairly patchy so its mainly to do with that for me the download was interrupted it seems and appeared complete but wasnt maybe.

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