Unable to log in or acces game in Launcher

So launcher wont log me into any of accounts, if it does i get a socket was closed as soon as i get into the system… If i type in a different passwpord then it says wrong password, so it knows its me and i cant log in… It was all working fine before downtime today, after downtime i keep getting crap for 45 mins, i cant even submit a bug report, it just keep loading when i press submit and times out… And no my connection isnt bad, last ookla test (1 min ago) said 50 mbps/15mbps and minimum ping… Anyone else? how to fix it, i cant even submitt a bug report?

Funny thing is 11k people are on the server…

I am unable to ‘aggree’ to the EULA when adding a second account to Singularity. The “Agree” button does not appear – only the “Cancel” button.

I can’t log into singularity anymore at all, it keeps telling me my username / password is incorrect, Steam seems to have given up entirely on logging me in yet I wonder if this could perhaps be because I changed my account name to be able to log in with just the eve launcher :thinking:

Can’t get into the game with the new launcher. I added all accounts successfully but there is no button to launch the game. Clicking on my account names does nothing. The only button I see is the one to add more accounts.

All overview settings lost. This is not normally an issue as the launcher has a button for “Select an EVE online profile for [name]” except that this button is now broken and does nothing.

This is a problem with Steam installations only I believe since the last shut down. CCP are working on it, the other alternative is to install the EVE launcher available on the website and this works I can confirm.


I am not using Steam. This is the normal EVE launcher, and it’s broken as of today.

I am not using Steam either. Regular launcher and it’s broken as of today.

Could you confirm for me that…

  • You don’t have the play button (red arrow) for any of your accounts.
  • You don’t get a play button when you enable multi-launch for one or more accounts (pink)


Steam issue was fixed around 14:25, with UI version 2407.

Please file a bug report, include the launcher logs for a session where you clicked the button, and address it to either myself or CCP Rubik.

I do have the play button for all three accounts, at the red arrow location. Clicking on the play button does nothing for any of my accounts. Clicking on the multi-launch buttons does nothing, i.e they do not turn blue, and there is no Play(1) button next to the + Add Account button in either case.

In that case I’m going to ask you to please file a bug report, include the launcher logs for a session where you clicked the buttons, and address it to either myself or CCP Rubik.

Support Request #512443 opened, launcher logs attached

I have an open ticket already. It’s 512393. Will try and attach the logs to it.

Edit - Log file attached to that ticket now.

Edit - Updated my open ticket. Found a workaround where if I only add one account to the launcher then I can play that account. Adding multiple accounts messes up the launcher as detailed in my ticket.