Fix your launcher

(Almirante Thanassis) #1

Fix mutiple accounts launcher, not paying what I can’t use

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(Steve Ronuken) #2

It’s working fine for me.

Thus, it’s not affecting everyone.

Which makes this post near worthless, as it’s not saying what’s not working with your launcher. I’d hope, at least, you have an EBR number for the bug report you put in?

(Flash E Gordon) #3

he’s not the only one, zephyr tried to help. but he quit really quick. I sent them the logs for logging in. and no response. I have 8 open bug reports, and 5 open for technical suppport. My streaming is perfect. Ever since they loaded them bio’s I’ve been screwed.
info 2019-05-05T12:05:24 3368 C:/EVE 2/Launcher/evelauncher.exe Kenny evelauncher default CustomWebPage(0x5d09f80) “updateProgress(‘sisi’, 0.00874277, ‘0 of 2 files (33.30MB)’)”
info 2019-05-05T12:05:24 3368 C:/EVE 2/Launcher/evelauncher.exe
Also, buy cancelling Omega status. That will make me ineligible for the gifts? I believe when they installed the gifts, they crashed my game.

(Steve Ronuken) #4

What’s your launcher version?

( Almirante’s is the same as mine, and that’s working for me.)

Something which might be worth trying, maybe, is turning off singularity. E in the top right, settings, untick singularity. Then shut it down and restart it. (including stopping it from the system tray)

(Flash E Gordon) #5

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(Flash E Gordon) #6

this is ongoing for 4 days,
since the reboot of bios at the gift start.
i keep giving him the logs, and he has 0 answers

(Almirante Thanassis) #7

I’m a bit bamboozeled by your approach on this.
“It’s working fine for me. Thus, it’s not affecting everyone.”
I never claimed it did affect EVERYONE, I merely stated that I’m not paying for what I can’t use (I never even mentioned other people). For the ‘It is working fine for me’ Good for you Steve, I’m very happy all is well for you Steve. But it has ZERO added value on this whole matter. Nothing you typed tbh has any merit in this thread.
So I will try to make it clear to you what I meant (Although I really don’t know why I should). Dear people at Eve:‘FIX the launcher so I can play with multiple accounts at the same time and see to it that it doesn’t botch every time we have an update/patch/whatever’… ok, Steve?

This is what I dug up in literally 5 seconds… Just to show that it hasn’t worked for other people and it continues to fail for some.

(Steve Ronuken) #8

“Fix your launcher” like that, made it sound very much like your were saying it was broken in general, rather than it being some specific interaction between it, your PC, and your internet connection.

I did ask if you had an EBR for a bug you’d reported. Mostly because I can wave those at ccp as something to look at.

(Jared Tobin) #9

I too have been unable to log in to any of my 3 accounts via the luncher for FIVE (5) days.

I submitted a ticket. (Support Request #900356)
Senior GM Zephyr responded asking for me to run/submit LogLite and DxDiag files.
I have done so every 12 hours.
It has been 5 days and still no response.
Not a peep.
I filed a Bug Report, though it would not allow/accept any of the 5 daily files (both lsw and dxdiag) to be uploaded/attached to the report.

I’m “glad” to discover I am not alone, though I am equally upset that for 5 days I have been paying for a service I cannot use.

And this all started Wednesday, May 15…

Seriously, CCP. Please help those of us who have been unable to log in, play, claim daily rewards, change skills, tend to our corps, etc.

This is turning from frustration to vexation. (Especially in the “lack of private ticket communication” department.)

Jared Tobin
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Support Request #900356

(Steve Ronuken) #10

I’d suggest filing Bug reports as well. Support tickets and bug reports go to different places.

While a support ticket might lead to a GM creating a bug report for you, it’s always worth doing your own as well.

(Support tickets will generally have more communication on them, but not always. But they are very different teams which deal with them)