Can't login on 2 of 3 accounts in launcher, all fine on website

Strange issue,

I have 3 accounts, all with 2FA. Im able to log into the eve account management site with all of the accounts correctly, however I can only log into the game with 1 of the 3 accounts, when I enter the 2FA code for the other 2 accounts then the launcer reverts back to the Username / Password login screen and, if it was already logged in, forgets / disconnects from my first account.

I have checked that everything is up to date and verified the shared cache (no errors). Im all out of ideas at this point but would like to log in!

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I also have issues with logging in. Launcher won’t connect, can’t open, can’t open to start a ticket. Exactly like the guys in this topic Is Eve Online down in the UK? It is conveniently closed though and can’t post in it. More than a day has passed already and waiting for downtime hasn’t solved anything!

I didn’t realise my topic was closed :’( what is going on? Also found this post as of this morning speculating right now it could possibly be an isp issue? It does not help if they are closing posts I have been trying hard to keep all info condensed into that post…

I saw your topic when you started it in General discussion and it was open for replies, but eversince it got moved to Issues, Workarounds & Localization it has been like closed. It doesn’t have a reply button to add a post.

Yeah I noticed that didn’t realise it was closed though thought probably I added to many posts lol, so I just updated, I want more people to speak out / post here (I would now say this is the most relevant post) about this issue, I just want to know what’s going on? I sub two accounts on eve and it’s the weekend so it’s quite frustrating.

Seems to be working for me now.

Just to follow this up, the issues described by colleagues above do not match my particular problem.

I have 3 accounts

I can log into the websites just fine on all of them

For 1 account I can log in as normal through the launcher

For the other 2 accounts I am unable to log in (fails after 2FA step) via the launcher, furthermore if my 1 working account is logged in to the launcher trying to log in with either of the other accounts will also cause the launcher to forget / drop that 1 working login.

I have a similar problem.
I have two accounts, but can not log in with both in launcher.
One is Omega, the other is Alpha.
I opened a bug report, but it is not listed in my bug report list.
After giving credentials and pressing “Log in” button, I always get at an empty login window.
No errors or hints whatsoever.

Not really a fix, but I was able to sidestep the issue by logging in on the beta version of the launcher, instructions for which are below

Change to beta:

  1. Click on the E icon in the upper right corner of the launcher
  2. Click settings
  3. Use the version drop-down to select beta
  4. Click OK
  5. On the left bar above account management should be the option to update UI, click it.
    If the button is missing & does not appear in 15 seconds, you can restart the launcher.

This only got me past the initial login stage, actually logging into the game still does not work to this effect.

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