Is Eve Online down in the UK?

I can’t login into the website neither can I launch the eve client and have it connect. What is going on? I have tried to flush my DNS and I was able to connect to eve successfully using a VPN so I know its up in other countries.

UPDATE: Still nothing new to report as of this morning, everything is still down for me, no response on Twitter, here or
Via support ticket. Please keep adding to this topic as it may help get this resolved quicker, what some of us have tested is that it seems to a be a routing issue, therefore using a VPN gets round the issue, unfortunately if your account is linked to steam this is not possible as you
Need to run the steam client I believe which does not allow vpns. The most frustrating aspect here right now is that the only semi official info is that on eve offline it says the login system is down but no further information that that for example is a fix in progress?

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I’m in the UK and I just logged on successfully, and I don’t use a VPN.

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Thanks for that information, I might call my ISP and see what is going on.

Can’t get onto EVE or SW UK on Vodafone here.




I am on, technically its not an ISP, I live in a complex of sorts with a closed network, that has internet access to somewhere and somehow, my networking is very complex so going to give them a call to check its all fine anyway. I will update here.

Ok so its all fine on my internet, so its definitely eve online. Even tried to reboot my computer also. I would use a VPN but because I launch the client through Steam Client, Steam Client does not allow a VPN to be used.

I am at a loss. An official update from CCP / Eve online would be much appreciated, especially on a Friday night for this to go down.

I have the same problem in Ukraine. This already happened a few weeks ago, had to wait until the down time.
UPD. It still doesn’t work :frowning:
UPD. I found a solution. If you want to play EVE, you must have at least 3 Internet providers. And then (MAY BE) you can play.

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Thanks for the info. Hopefully not to long…

This seems to be the most active discussion now on the matter:

This may be relevant Level 3 Issues as level 3 is one of the world-wide upper-tier ISP’s providing connectivity between the smaller ones we all use. Looks like it may have been going on for several days.

I feel bad for USA right now they are more orange and red than the UK lol. My ISP has come across this post, so hopefully they notice that info you have provided, could be very helpful.

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