20220225 - Connection Issues (UK)

Hello everyone,

We are looking into the connectivity issues which have recently started affecting certain players in the UK. The issue lies somewhere on the route the connection takes before it reaches the EVE Online servers and we are yet to discover exactly where the source of the problem is but as far as we can tell from the reports we have received so far they are customers of Virgin Media ISP.

If you are based in the UK and have recently started experiencing regular disconnects from the game then please submit a support ticket under the Technical category with the following information:

Please DO NOT post these details as a reply in this thread as they will contain private information.

Please also see this post from @CCP_Explorer about VPNs.

We are working as fast as possible to discover the exact source so that we can take the necessary steps to get this fixed, so we encourage you to please get in touch if you think you are being affected by this issue and to also get in touch with your ISP if all of your internet services appear to be working fine besides EVE Online.

Thank you for your reports and ongoing patience while we look into this.


Please note that the traceroute we are looking for is to TQ; on Windows this can be done from a command line like this:

tracert tranquility.servers.eveonline.com

We need this information to try and figure out what Cloudflare datacenter the connections are going through.


A number of players have reported that using VPN resolves the connection issues. This is indicative of (changed) QoS settings at your ISP that negatively impact the direct connectivity to Tranquility or BGP routing issues or cross-connect/peering issues, since a VPN connection will send the network traffic through a different route or to a different Cloudflare datacenter.

If you have successfully resolved the connection issues using VPN, then we would want a traceroute both with and without the VPN active, to be able to see the different network paths.


Details sent in a ticket.
From reddit it seems the issue is exclusive to Virgin Media in the UK. It’s been an issue for 3 days now to the point where it happens so often the game is unplayable.


Details also sent in a ticket, same as above

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It makes the game 100% unplayable.
Will this issue be resolved soon?

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I think thats going to depend on VM… not much CCP can do…
You however, can try to reroute using a VPN.

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Sent in ticket earlier - some 6 disconnects today but now i’ve given up logging in, far too risky for combat stuffs.

I had also experienced multiple issues a month or so ago and every so often since and had sent in tickets for similar disconnects which were rejected for losses. Been fine for the past week until today.

Confirming Virgin Media.

Two VPN’s have not helped for me.


A common factor in all problematic traceroutes we have seen so far is that these are the last hops:

I can’t confirm it, but that last few hops look like they are in Amsterdam; which is very strange since Cloudflare has colos in Edinburgh, London, and Manchester in the UK and the most “sensible” colo to route UK network traffic for TQ to would be the London one.


confirming all of those hops posted are identical for me.

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Ticket submitted, thanks for looking in to this CCP.

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ticket submitted, and same, those last few hops are same for me, 2 disconnects so far

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Also sent to Virgin Media?

IP Location Finder - IP Lookup With Detailed Geolocation Data | KeyCDN Tools showing as Sweden for the 3 before tranquility

No but will do now

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ive not sent them to VM.

Trying not to come across as being awkward but there isn’t a connection issue with anything else other than Eve here for me? Why would VM be bothered when everything shows as stable as far as they’re concerned?

Again not trying to sound like a plank.

I think they are just showing that the IPs belong to Telia, which is a Swedish company. I think the last hops are in Amsterdam based on what other Geo IP services are telling me and also on the ‘adm’ in the name. My traceroute to that last hop before TQ goes through London

and then to those ‘adm’ entries. But here’s where network admins at Virgin Media would know better what is happening.

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This is not the first time something like this has happened. Explained in this thread here Cannot stay connected for more than a few minutes D/C - #109 by CCP_Explorer from May 2020. That thread is mostly about WOW! Internet in the USA but also about Virgin Media in the UK.

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Thanks Explorer, I’ll contact them now and light a fire up their backside.