Are you experiencing issues staying connected to EVE Online?


Since the Extended Downtime on 8 May where we made significant changes to our network infrastructure aimed at hardening the cluster against future DDOS attacks, we have been closely monitoring our services for any connectivity issues player might be experiencing.

One problem affecting a limited group of players that surfaced was an issue with maintaining a stable connection to EVE for pilots using WOW! Internet as their Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our network partner is actively investigating this matter and more information can be found here.

While we do not have a reason to believe that there is another case similar to this, we do want to validate that by asking you for feedback. If you are not a WOW! customer and are currently experiencing difficulties staying connected to EVE Online, please:

  • Comment in this thread and let us know since when you are experiencing problems
  • Create a support ticket with the following information (please do not post them here):
    • Your public IP address that you are connecting from
    • Your Internet Service Provider
    • Your geographical location (city, state, country as applicable)
    • Traceroute / tracert to
    • Traceroute / tracert to
    • Any other details or screenshots of the problem

If you are not sure about your IP address, please visit or to find where you are connecting from.

Moreover, players encountering persistent connection problems might want to consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to see if that can temporarily help. Please check our helpdesk article to learn more about that does a VPN do.

Thank you!


Dont using WOW (actually far from the States) and having a lag (plus 3 seconds respond time), market useless…

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agreed, market isnt working at all for me!

Market in Perimeter isn’t working for me. I’ve paid the broker fee and items have left the hanger but not showing up in the listings.

Thank you for the thread - shared this on my Discord server :+1:

Thank you for the reports on the market problems. I will forward that internally!


Having trouble staying connected since the extended DT, located in Australia not using the IP mentioned above… Am currently trialling a VPN to see if it offers a fix. Will submit a bug report as requested


That’s appreciated, thanks!

I have problems with market too. It looks more like server-side lag than network problems. Orders are usually queued and executed after several seconds or even minutes.
At some point I got a message “Workers on strike. The underpaid workers in the market are not keeping up with the influx of new orders. Please wait a while and try again.”, which again points to server overload.

Frequent chat disconnects/reconnects

It is a database performance issue that has been under investigation this afternoon.

I would like to emphasize that we are looking for reports of the EVE Client being unable to maintain a connection to the EVE Server.

For the purposes of this investigation then we are not looking for information about lag or chat reconnects (although we always appreciate such reports), but rather focused reports on if the EVE Client gets disconnected from the EVE Server after approx. 1-10 minutes of gameplay.

And then only from players who do not have WOW! Internet as their internet service provider in this thread here, since we are aware of those issues and are actively investigating them.

WOW! Internet customers should rather please read Cannot stay connected for more than a few minutes D/C

In last 4 hrs, I have “connection lost” 4 times on multiple accounts

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Having trouble staying connected since the yesterday DT, located in Israel. Not using WOW

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Disconnected 3 times on multiple accounts in the last 3 hours. Not a WOW customer.

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@Oda_Chancel @CMDR_Yuri_Fury @Zhora_Zhopkin If you have not already done so, please make sure to submit a support ticket with the requested details, so our tech specialists can take a look at it :slight_smile:

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Yes I’m using wow internet services in Columbus Ohio and it work just not for eve I pay my game time in dollar for all my acc how should my tiquete be to requester my money back of the game time I have lost… thank you

If you are a WOW! customer, please refer to the second thread. There is an active case that is being worked on by our partner.

Yeah, Been having issues here. Using the optus network in Australia, dc’ed 4 time in two hours.