Constant Disconnects

Hi Everyone

For the past few days , I have not been able to connect or “stay” connected to eve…Sometimes not even being able to log in at all …If I am lucky to log in , I stay only for 3 or 4 minutes…I have contacted my ISP and nothing is out the ordinary… I have completely reinstalled eve online from steam and the non steam version…Updated ,Reinstalled and even downgraded my driver versions…Has anybody ever experienced this and has a possible solution for it ? I would really really appreciate it

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That sucks.
All I can think of offhand to try is:

-verify file integrity via launcher settings
-standard clear cache
-make sure your firewall is letting EvE through ok

  • turn down graphics settings ingame


On top of what Xuxe said,

  • Disable windows game mode and game bar
  • Run a memory test
  • Run a hard drive test (get it from your SSD manufacturer)
  • Test PSU with a PSU tester, Multimeter (look up guide), or by swapping it out with a known working PSU
  • wipe and reload of windows. I wouldn’t start with this because of the effort involved, but it did once fix my problems after I had tried everything else.
  • File a support ticket

Eve’s anti-ddos protection can sometimes cause problems, and particular users assert that they get it much worse than others. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to check for or rule out anti-ddos issues. If any does, please let me know.

And do note that the wider community has been experiencing more frequent DC’s this past couple of weeks. Of course, your issues seem much, much worse, so that makes me think that your problem is unrelated.

As always, please come back and tell us how you managed to solve this issue. Might help the next guy with the same problem.


These are difficult situations. In addition to what others have said keep in mind there is alot more internet between you/your ISP and the EVE servers. There can be issues in between causing the problem which are neither the fault of you or CCP. Sucks but it happens.

Ok so what i’ve done is reset my entire computer…Reinstalled eve and updated my drivers…Issue persists :frowning:


Well thanks for going through that massive effort for us !

Most advice is bad advice.

You almost certainly need to use a VPN. Unlike other computer games, EVE is extremely sensitive to latency, and you get disconnected instead of lagging. A VPN will give you a more direct connection with less latency.

I am generally unable to connect unless I turn my VPN on.

Please submit a support ticket to Customer Support and make sure to state your RL location, what ISP your are connecting through, what kind of network (wired vs wireless, ADSL vs fiber). Please send a traceroute from your local computer to and a SpeedTest to a nearby location with the ticket. Customer Support may be able to spot a pattern and figure out what ISP might having problems.

dozens of people complained about this yesterday on reddit, so I doubt problem is on his side


There was a very specific unknown problem that corrected itself at around 17 o’clock yesterday. If the issue did not happen before then and not after then, then it fixed. We don’t know what that was, something network related somewhere on the internet.

If it happened before then and is still happening now, but is only happening to a very small portion of players, since metrics do not indicate any large-scale wide-spread issues, then there is some probability that this is a network issue that would be located near each player, somewhere on the path from their houses house to the nearest Cloudflare colocation (from where it is routed to TQ). We have seen this before where suddenly the path from certain ISPs to Cloudflare goes bonkers.

Tickets to Customer Support, please, if this is still ongoing and started happening before yesterday.

im being disconnected randomly between 5 & 30 minutes after logging in, i have access to two different internet providers one is a fixed Fibre connection the other Mobile Wireless, the same issue happens with both, no other games are affected.

This started prior to the issue posted above

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This is what passes as information at CCP.

Well, I guess its true, they really have no idea whats going on.

There could be many things, and one of them would be general network issues in between a player and the nearest Cloudflare location. Those types of issues can be very hard to pinpoint. In addition it could be the players antivirus or firewall software, their wi-fi or router. This is why we kindly ask for support tickets to Customer Support so they can go through debugging of often seen local issues and if needed get the necessary information for the network admins.

“We dont know, but it wasnt at our end” would have been too plain, I guess

When we are still investigating, I would not want to state that. Right now we are gathering reports from players, looking at metrics, speaking with our network providers, and looking at possible defects that might contribute to a perception of lag.

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Fair dos

Thank you for communicating, its a breath of fresh air that took me by suprise I must say lol

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lol this is the best statement iv seen on the interweb for a long time, it made my day:) which on the flipside is sad because im also having disconnects, cant play my 4 accounts have stability at 2, usually disconnects on undock or just as log in happens when in space its fairly stable.

Btw that statement is sooo bio worthy, tyvm:)


ISP routing is very fluid and can get really weird at times where you’re routed to/through ISP that are “far out of the way” increasing the total distance. Sometimes that’s because it’s cheaper, could be that there’s an issue elsewhere but sometimes it’s just because :reasons:.

Another possible issue can be a problem with one of the ISP creating lag, packet loss or a complete loss of connection. Sometimes that gets solved very quickly by rerouting (avoiding that ISP) but it can also take weeks to solve if it’s not that obvious an issue.

The intertubes are full of gremlins and neither side of the connection (us players and CCP in this case) have any real control, understanding or knowledge of what exactly happened, why and how it got solved.

I have been having these same issues all week. Any new info about this. Every thread I have seen CCP gives some convoluted answer that doesn’t actual help anything and then leave it alone. Will there ever be a fix for this or should I just cancel my account (again)?

Man there’s always an error with you…