What is going on?

Man the last few days I have been experiencing and abnormal number of disconnects. Now I am not losing my internet connection. Its a high speed fiber connection. Every other internet site is fine. I can stream or whatever. But not this site. This site plays fine for a while then all of a sudden a damn disconnect, usually when I am in low sec space or some other bad spot. Then it will not log back in or refuses to operate. Then it comes and goes. No problems anywhere else. No interruptions. Just this site. No other game site. Not Youtube or Amazon. Nothing. Just this site. It worked great up till the latest patch. Now this. I swear its like somebody somewhere broke something on Eve. It has happened in the past, and that is usually some sort of DOS attack, or maybe a massive battle, or tons of people logging in, but never to the extent it is been doing it lately. All anyone else can say is must be you. Bull. Others in local have told me it is happening to them. Some in the corp have agreed. From asteroid belts that refuse to respawn after the NPC miners take them out, to this. Damn man.


No idea, havnt had any trouble myself.

If your connection and ISP is doing ok, there may be bad routing.

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I have issues connecting into the game on tql server and if I succeed I’ll be disconnected with message that I do not have an internet connection.

Oddly I am connected and logged in with my charcater on the test server and have no issues there what so ever.

So what is the issues on your TQL server?

Get this fixed ASAP I am paying for a number of accounts and unable to play!!!

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Same here. Two disconnects today within less than an hour. There have been no changes to my connection, other games and sites work fine.

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Getting constant disconnects today. Yesterday was annoying enough, but today it’s much worse. After DC, the launcher keeps failing to start clients. Internet is working fine for everything but EVE.

Before the last patch/no-dt experiment, I had almost zero problems with connection stability.

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Same problems here,internet is fine but game has gone wonky. I either get disconnected or while doing something(example targeting NPC) it locks up and freezes the action but I do not get disconnected from the server.

I have almost lost my ship to this twice in the last few days because it seems to want to do this at the worse time.

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This is also happening to me - I have several Omegas and since yesterday I have had these random Disconnect’s, and many times I cannot even log back for a while, like actually right now.

I get this message when trying to connect after DC:

"Connection Failed

Could not connect to the specified address. Odds are that you have not established an internet connection, the server isn’t running, or the server address or port number was wrong."

I have also fiber connection to my apartment and everything else on Internet is working just fine, so it’s 400% CCP fault.

Pls Fix this ASAP CCP; Thank You. <3

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Same here.

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Same. I can’t connect on any of my accounts. Get some Handshake Failure message.

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Given that so many people suddenly have this issue, but at the same time NOT so many that it seems to affect everyone it’ll probably be an ISP routing thing, as Nana stated. So your traffic gets routed via different ISP on the way to CCP’s servers and somewhere there’s a junction, which is used by a bunch of you, that has issues.

This is not CCP’s fault or something CCP can fix. All they can do, once they identified the exact issue, is ask VERY nicely to see if that problem can be fixed by that ISP or the routing to be changed to avoid the problem.

Read this: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/213529545-Network-Diagnostic-Tool

Add that info to your help center ticket.


ISP routing problem seems to be somewhere in UK

Geezus, can’t you folks recognize a conspiracy when you see one? I’ve also had similar troubles, noting that nothing similar has occurred going years back.

Truth and reality are under siege everywhere I turn, why not EVE? Don’t ask why, ask yourself when will you give in and join the madness? Be satisfied that your toilet flushes, and that gravity still works. All else is up for subjective interpretation.

Can you tell us more?

Haven’t had any issues for a long time, then yesterday I had 2 disconnects back to back within a 5 minute time period during the 15 minutes that I was online. Logged in today and had another disconnect within 15 minutes of being in the game.

Haven’t bothered to log back in.

Decided to try logging in again, was in-game for less than 15 minutes and got disconnected.

Guess I’m not surprised, CCP has gotten pretty tight with their expenditures, cutting cost’s wherever they can. Hell, they keep talking about how they want to gain and retain new players but they’ll be lucky to even retain their existing players if this crap keeps up.

DMC showcasing cluelessness, again.

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I’ve been playing a bit more than usual this weekend. 2 characters logged in for several hours each day. Connection is rock solid from Atlantic Canada. Whatever the problem is, it isn’t the Tranquility server.



I got also during last 2 days the same problem and It is CCP who disconnetcs clients. Sometimes 2 out of 4 accounts discos and they hide drones and just warp out. Sometimes I see on an account that drones returns and the client diconects. Also massive problems to connect again to the game. And my internet is flying! And at this very moment i can not connect to the server at all.

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