OUR servers are fine, everything is working perfect!


Posting it here, that more people can write down their problems with connection in eve, there are a lot of people that have issues but ccp ignores it…


100% agree, using a VPN fixes it , I’m not into band aid solutions however.

I just started having an issue where specific accounts keep disconnecting while others don’t (all connected and active at the same time). As it doesn’t DC all accounts I suspect that it is not on my end.

Seem to have caught this problem aswell…

Yeah for me it’s always the 2. client to log in that gets DCd within less than 5minutes. Not the SAME client, the second one to log in.

Been really annoying for more than a week now…

The interesting part is that I keep getting disconnects for the first 5-10 minutes after starting first client and then once that stops it’s rock solid for hours. That is until I shut down all clients and then start them up again a bit later, then the enjoyment of constant disconnects starts again for 5-10 minutes and then things are stable again.
Probably their “DDoS” protection working as intended or CCP is getting desperate to get those player engagement numbers up so is trying to nudge is in the direction of never logging off clients.

This sounds as exactely the same problems as i have. think its a CCP problem so i simply wait for fixes before throwing away my whole network configutation… maybe they are protecting something “too good” . we will see…

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Might be something to do with this - aint an IT person so I dont know what “BGP flapping” or whatever is ^^’

It’s really weird that it affects some clients and not all, I would expect any BGP or similar to kill all clients. I really get just a subset disconnecting often and then being stable for hours. Today, 3 out of 4 clients were stable from startup while 1 kept disconnecting for 10-15 min and has now been stable (and probably will for hours).

If you are a Deutsche Telekom AG customer and have been experiencing more disconnects since 1-2 August, then please create a support ticket. If you are playing from Germany and have been experiencing disconnects since the beginning of August even if your ISP is not DTAG, then we want to hear from you. We are trying to understand what is happening in this graph:

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Submitted. Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks CCP Explorer for looking into this and giving us hope :slight_smile:

First off: Please DO NOT post any of your details as a reply in this thread as they will contain private information. Rather send us a support ticket with those details; but most importantly open a support ticket with Deutsche Telekom AG about network route instability (if DTAG is your ISP).

Earlier this year then customers of Virgin Media UK experienced a very similar issue as is described in this thread and as we are seeing in metrics now for Germany. See this forum thread: 20220225 - Connection Issues (UK).

See also these posts from me for that incident:

At the time when we were debugging this with Virgin Media UK customer, there was this helpful advice from @Alaska: 20220225 - Connection Issues (UK) - #382 by Alaska

Open a blank text file. Copy the following into your file:

@echo Started: %date% %time%
tracert tranquility.servers.eveonline.com
@echo Completed: %date% %time%
timeout 60

Save your file (ie filename.bat) to your desired folder. MUST be .bat

Open a Command prompt window. Drag your saved file into the command prompt window (it will show the location when dragged) and hit enter/return to run it.

When disconnected, switch to that CMD window and allow a traceroute to run. Then stop it, and scroll through the latest traceroutes and see if any of them changed; i.e. did the network traffic suddenly go a different route on its way to Tranquility (which is tranquility.servers.eveonline.com // If there is a route change at the time of the disconnect, then we want to hear about it (in a support ticket).

BTW, this issue can’t be fixed in a patch and can’t be fixed on our side. This needs to be fixed by DTAG and Cloudflare, possibly with Level3’s involvement since we have seen Level3 in Frankfurt in traces that have been sent to us.

I’m not clear how route change would impact only some of the connected accounts. Especially as mine (the ones that are DCing, several are rock stable from start, but not always the same) are DCing in the beginning and then stabilise after 10-15 min to be stable for hours on end (until I restart them).

That is indeed a bit of a mystery.

A sudden route change will result in stateful network devices on the new path to reply with a TCP RST to reset the connection. At that point the EVE Client needs to reestablish the connection to Tranquility through the new Cloudflare location that the network connection is going though. Normally this will result in all running EVE Clients to reset since normally they would all be transmitting and receiving messages.

There is an edge case if the network route flips back and forth very quickly and it so happens that one the clients was not transmitting/receiving then it would stay connected (or there would be packet loss but a re-transmission would be requested and succeed and no RST packets would be sent.

Hence we suspect some other network equipment failure at Deutsche Telekom AG where only some of the connections are terminated (for reasons unknown to us).

We are not seeing this pattern from other countries starting 1-2 August, either they are the same or better (e.g. connectivity in Australia improved significantly at the tail end of July so we just came off that investigation to this one), and so far the only German players that have contacted us are with Deutsche Telekom AG.

At this time i am unable to log into eve, no matter what toon I try to use.
I figured that it has to do with a node along the way to tranquility server.
Now one of two things comes to mind. The node where the event is occurring is either suffering from a hardware failure or it is under attack. Kinda looks like a new play on the DDOS attacks Eve dealt with awhile back. Just pinged the Tranquility server no packet loss. So that is telling me that the port may have a guardian or gate keeper on it. Which is blocking connections… And please do not bother asking, I am not being paid to figure out Eve’s connection issues. I can find another game to play.

This is neither helpful nor fair. CCP can’t control internet traffic and networks of other companies. Plus, with these very complex systems mistakes happen.

They are trying to figure out what is going on and are actively monitoring disconnects which is great proactive move.

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The flapping could be the case but it happens only in the first 5-10 min of starting up the client. Then its perfectly stable for hours on end. I’ve submitted loges showing initial instability and then stable for almost 2 hours at which point I stopped logging and did my support ticket (clients stayed stable for far longer). Hopefully they help shine some light on this.

I guess the next step would be logging the packet traffic somehow. :grimacing:

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Was there a dev post about this I missed ?

The internet system we have here is awful ( known as the NBN ) and last month was the worst for disconnects. Most of the EVE players I know try and mitigate this by using a VPN, but I wonder why this is even necessary if the local cloud flare node is correctly routing the game through its own backhaul?

ok tbh the last months i am not motivated a lot to play eve… but i discovered a few weeks ago when collecting at least login rewards i get more and more frequent DCs even with just logging into the charakter selection screen.

I mean… i witnessed the times when you had like every few minutes dcs after the chat server changes back than… or frequently chat disconnects etc… but before even beeing in space is new for me.

Happens one out of 3 trys in average (up to 10/10 trys before it works) atm in like the 1-3 minute after starting the client.
before it was at least rare… now its atm very common… but at least… if i make it past the first few minutes its stable for a few hours… i mean didnt had a DC mid game… just right after the login between char selection and first few minutes in game.

And had no issues on any other service or online game the last months on my end.
But well… eve is special sensitive i know… xD

when i took some sleep i will read here a bit more closely (did join and watch a 24 hour stream before and now i am dead but stumbled over this thread and it sounded like my issues the last weeks so i did save it now for later ;p)


The issues were happening in ISPs’ network systems before reaching the local Cloudflare locations in Australia.

See also my next post with more details about Deutsche Telekom AG as that may be relevant to players in Australia and New Zealand.