Why so Many DCs

Why are we getting so my fing disconnects? it started with the cloudflare issues a few weeks ago and since then a significant number of my alliance mates including myself are unable to maintain any long term connection.

I am at work right now with a dedicated 10gig pipe on a business fiber line and I have had alteast 5 DCs on 12 accounts in the last 4 hours alone. Doesn’t matter if I am at home or work, what the graphics settings are or what.

That is probably the world wide wait telling you to not multibox 12 accounts at once :slight_smile:

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I’ve been getting DCs also in the last 2 months or so, really aggravating at times.

Im going to mark that as the solution just because your are a /s dick lol. That said it doesnt matter how many accounts I have online even when I was running 1 and 2 accounts. I ended up getting DCd 10 times in 4 hours.

How does your traceroute look? Any pockets of slowdown on the way to CCP’s servers that could be spiking into terminal state? The internet as a whole is under a lot more strain than usual with all the work-from-home and school-from-home happening globally; it has impacts in a lot of subtle ways.

I have seen lag for months when I make the hop out to the east coast and I have seen an overall uptick in DCs but nothing like the last week or two. It has become so bad I cant make the money to pay for my accounts and I am worried that if it continues I am going to have to reduce down from 16 accounts.

2 disconnects within 4 minutes of each other, both accounts.

I’m not having any issues with this at all.

Having the same issues in the UK problem started in the last 2 weeks game has seemed to be unstable and lags from time to time.

Also constant disconnects.

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Twice again tonight

at least once a day for me, and twice in the last hour. always all 3 accounts.

yup been having disconnects through four accounts one dropping after another this is getting stupid now, just had three disconnection one after the other this game is starting to become unplayable. Also I’m finding conflicting information between the four accounts for instance all four are in same station I am looking for ice locations all characters are showing different locations seems like some sort of conflict going on between accounts and my internet connection is solid

I haven’t had a DC in years, but i max out at 5 accounts.

Same problem, usually involving whenever I jump a gate or enter a wormhole. Just lost a pilgrim because i lost connection the second I jumped in. Getting about 4/5 connection losses a day at the moment. Really ruins the experience playing this game.

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