Many Disconnects

While running Multiple clients 3 or less, I get disconnected from the server. It lags out on gates when I trying to get into a system, I could be sitting in a station trading with my alts, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am in the game I get a disconnected from server message. its been particularly bad over the last week. Tonight alone I’ve had 12 disconnects.

In my History playing this game I’ve rarely had disconnects on this level. I have business level Internet access 1500 MB/s. I can play WoW, or ESO with no problems at all over multiple accounts. I don’t know what is going on in EVE but, It’d be a shame in I just decided to log off and not come back for another 3 years.

I hope TS can figure out what is happening with your Auth servers so this doesn’t continue. I love this game but if I if I can’t play it whats the point?


I was plagued by similar problems.

1st thing i did which seemed to help significantly was enable a VPN. That was on the advice of someone else on here. Something about how the information is cached or something reduces the chance of the server thinking you arn’t there. Technicalities not really matter. It helped but…it did not fix the problem.

What did fix the problem was plugging in a USB wireless adapter instead of using my in built one. Best £50 i spent in a long time. Went from 3 or 4 disconnects a night to zero… Haven’t disconnected since i made the change.

Before you replace though you could make sure the driver is up to date etc. DNS settings apparently make a difference to. but thats way beyond my scope of understanding.

While my wireless adapter wasn’t disconnecting me from my network (if i had multiple alts open only one would disconnect) I noticed that when it was happening the fans were kicking in so the machine was obviously trying to do something and having issues. hence i concluded after months of blaming ccp and my isp that the problem was actually my machine.

Appreciate everyone’s situation is unique but that is what worked for me.

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I’m having the issue of disconnects as well

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3 of us had disconnect issues at the same time during a fleet last night. Very frustrating.

This may sound silly but try closing the launcher if you have it open.

I’ve found I get far fewer disconnects when I do this.

Eve became extremely sensitive, and disconnects often,

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I have been getting far more frequent disconnects this morning. I usually have a stable connection to Eve. I have done a power cycle of the modem/router/switch/computer. It didn’t solve this problem. Something may be going on with my ISP or Eve.

I start experienced disconnects something like 2 patches before quasar announce in launcher appears.
I play from 1 to 14 chars in same time and disconnects can occur on one or few chars while other still in game, its total random and very annoying. also i called my ISP they says that they doesn’t changed anything in route. also my corp and alliance mates from around world have same problems…

Has anyone found a solution to this? I’ve been getting disconnects 1-2 times a day as well.

More and more disconnects, me too x3 acc down… CCP ? you are there??

I actually asked for an automatic close option after launch for the launcher and of course, the “no changers” started crying even though it would just be an “optional” checkbox setting.

See here Option to automatically close the launcher after starting the game client

5 disconnects this morning around 01:30 AM across all my accounts :frowning: closing the launcher doesn’t work for me.

Same problem :frowning:

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Same for me - after a while all or part of clients stop responding, DSCAN button hangs and clients are offline, in the end.
At the same time, trying to log into eve forum makes log-in page opening forever in browser.
The other sites are fine and quickly opened in browser. Something is wrong with accessing CCP’s server.

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Free private WoW servers from mid 2000 had better connection stability than wtf is Eve doing at the moment, just non stop random disconnects

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I’ve had this issue for last 2 weeks now after returning after a year off . I’ve tried everything above and issue continues. It’s the only game this happens to, I even paly online poker and Eve at same time and poker doesn’t disconnect while Eve does. Cancelling all my accounts and looking for a new MMO.

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Yep same problem here 3x Acc and constant log offs, From the launcher you can download the whole eve client and clear the cache… apparently this has helped others with the disconnect issue but no luck on my end. I’ll try closing the launcher see if that helps.

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Check for Net 3.5, i was having tons of disconnects, went thru everything, found that with the new update CCP just sent out, requires you to have Net 3.5, mine was an older version, one i downloaded the new version everything has been great

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