Server Issues / Multiple Disconnects

Over the last 3+ days, the servers have been causing clients to go offline (disconnect). Has CCP acknowledged the problem and are we expecting a fix to be put in place? This is becoming annoying at this point.

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Just had a mass DC a couple of minutes ago…


Same, we had around 8 different people disconnect and this has been the issue now for a few days… Would love to hear what CCP has to say about all these disconnects.

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I dropped 3 accounts but seem to be able to log back in now…

Like I said…

Happenned to me twice, according to eve-offline that a massive issue.

If that happend you have to wait a bit, beffore been able to reconnect (you can try but that will fail), first time for me that was 3h long and second less than 1h.

don´t drop your complain because of the pacifyng!!! they send people for that… attacked or not, they are supose to be accountable for a good service!!!

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Area NW of England

I’m still having connection issues. Keep disconnecting on two characters.

my complain it´s with A company… i don´t how to explain…

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