Disconnect Problems

Hello Everyone,

Last three days I am getting disconnected from the server time to time. There is no certain pattern. Some times it happens within every two minutes without even doing nothing and become really annoying, sometimes just warping out from a gate or warping in the system, sometimes during combat. This is only occurs on EVE not other games or etc. I read some topics here and there and eventually create a ticket but support isnt very helpful basically they are telling me my ships should be exploded more to provide them some related data which I cannot afford that.

My ISP shouldnt be the problem because there is one main service provider and 3 distributor and none other my countryman experienced same problems within this period. The problem should be in my system and of course, by creating such a bad system it is CCPs.
I just downloaded full client I thought maybe this could be one of the reason. I dont know what should I do next. What do you recommend you guys ? Anyone experienced similar problem and solved ?


Same here. 2-3 times a day.

I suppose it’s one of those internet/network things that happens now and then. :roll_eyes:

random disconnects…


I’ve been experiencing disconnects over the past week that were caused by the launcher suddenly starting to download god knows what from resources.eveonline.com, and completely clogging my internet connection.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I have “download the full EVE client” toggled on or off.

I can prevent this by quitting the launcher as soon as I’ve started the client, but it’s still annoying.

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