TQ randomly disconnects

Have you the same problem too?

4 Disconnects since 6:30 Server time
Whats up here?

Location: Germany
Internet Provider: Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

Best regards

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whistles This is CCP’s much lauded improved stability.


same disconnect, 4 times in 1 hour.


I got two of those last night before going to bed. I assumed it was my provider being my usual sloppy provider.

Is that a window from within Eve ?

I get very few disconnects. My internet connection itself is often up for a month at a time ( just checked and it currently says 11 days ) , so I get a good idea of what is ISP related or game related.

That’s the ingame notepad with my personal list of disconnects that I experienced. I reset my router every day to prevent issues. These disconnects should have nothing to do with my ISP or my connection because every other internet related services (work software, work VPN, radio streams, etc.) that I run at the same time and which depend on uninterrupted connection don’t disconnect or show issues when EVE just dies.


The disconnects are clearly visible in the PCU graph as often tiny but still noticeable, sometimes not so tiny drop-offs. It’s definitely a problem that affects dozens, sometimes hundreds of players at once. Players who have different ISP’s but appear to all or mostly reside in the same area - Germany.

We had alliance members from the UK and Australia experiencing multiple disconnects last night, myself included and I very rarely have any issue with EVE. Those of us affected were all getting disconnected at the exact same time and on multiple isp’s. This wasnt a Germany based issue. Hopefully things are better today.

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Its only ever affected me today. I believe its something to do with the cyber attacks and the war in Ukraine. Not that CCP is being attacked, but that much web traffic will affect many unintended systems.

I haven’t been able to play since yesterday because of this error…

What I’ve found is when the launcher updates while I’m playing, my accts start dropping out. And it doesn’t stop until I dock them all up, log them out, and relaunch the… er… launcher.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Its still happening and at this point in time im not really able to play the game because of the frequency. Will ccp ban if I get a vpn?

I had over fifteen disconnects in a four hour period yesterday evening, it’s extremely rare I get disconnects so seemed very odd. No connection issues with with anything else in the house including the same pc.

Same here it just seems to be Eve that’s affected.

Same, constant disconnects:

EXCEPTION #7 logged at 25/02/22 10:23:34 : Socket closed with Exception

Formatted exception info:
error: [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host: 'recv operation failed'

Common path prefix = c:/buildagent/work/d2d8a22a74178531/eve/release/release

Caught at:
<pre>/packages/bluepy/__init__.py(43) CallWrapper
<pre>/carbon/common/script/net/machoNet.py(4788) TransportReader
<string>(2) Read
<pre>/packages/ccpProfile/blueTaskletImplementation.py(40) Wrapper
<pre>/carbon/common/script/net/machoNetTransport.py(504) Read
<pre>/carbon/common/script/net/GPS.py(844) EncryptedRead
<pre>/carbon/common/script/net/SocketGPS.py(528) Read

Thrown at:
<pre>/carbon/common/script/net/SocketGPS.py(495) Read
<pre>/carbon/common/stdlib/socket.py(235) meth
args = ()
name = 'recvpacketoob'
self = <socket._socketobject object at 0x000001B1805CD0B0>

Thread Locals: session was <Session: (sid:5662033345529324511, clientID:0, mutating:0, contextOnly:False, locationid:30003978, corprole:0x0, userid:22912212, languageID:EN, role:0x6000000000000000L, charid:115516000, address:, userType:30, sessionType:5, countryCode:GB, regionid:10000050, constellationid:20000581, allianceid:1354830081, corpid:1184675423, fleetid:1306011849923, fleetrole:1, wingid:-1, squadid:-1, shipid:1037554056210, solarsystemid:30003978, solarsystemid2:30003978, hqID:60006799, rolesAtAll:0x0, rolesAtHQ:0x0, rolesAtBase:0x0, rolesAtOther:0x0, genderID:True, bloodlineID:12, raceID:8, corpAccountKey:1000)>
Stackhash: 123021977

Reported from: stdlogutils

You can use a vpn

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I had this problem but changed my DNS to Cloudflare’s DNS and

Not had any disconnects since then!!

Thanks will try this.

Well looks like cloudflare DNS didn’t work.