After DT today i get disconnects every few minutes.
Even during login and now i cant even connect.


As always the error is on your side,ccp does not make mistakes… :slight_smile:

It’s funny how he seriously believes he’s saying something clever. :grin:


There’s already a thread for that.
Also make sure it’s not your hardware, like of that person in the other thread here:

You should always be starting at your end first.

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I just had one too on an account in space while another account in station remained connected. Clearly my fault.

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I got disconnected twice just today. Thankfully the game restarted alright each time.

I guess those things will happen. Not CCP’s fault I imagine.

I had a disconnect happen while trying to log into the game.

I only experience random disconnects with Eve Online so yeah, in my opinion it’s on their side.

Reminds me of Electrical Utilities doing Rolling Blackouts to temporarily ease the strain on an overtaxed grid. It’s purposefully implemented and spread across multiple areas to help prevent a large-scale blackout.


Ive been having random disconnects as well ever since the “DDoS issues” and whatever system they put into place to help combat it. (I have no issues logging back in, just a random disconnect) Never had issues before that. One client disconnects out of 4+. No issues on my side, already tested and checked as well as opening ticket to give them all the information they needed.

I was told ‘Everything on your side looks good. Since the issue is not on your side and nothing is wrong on our side, must be a hop between.’

Which is entirely possible. Just annoying to having had the issue start at that specific time period and the issue persist through different ISP’s and only with Eve online.

You’re wrong. Eve has been like this from the beginning, and has lasted longer than most games. Especially of this type of game.
Full scale pvp is the goal of the majority of the eve community. Each side will eventually insult the other over the outcome, but they all enjoy it.
If you aren’t ok with pvp, you’re in the wrong game.
None of which has anything to do with the topic of this post.

For last few days I have been getting disconnects when I try and access the Regional Market.

Means I won’t do abyssals, Pochven or fly in LS…

Anyone else getting this problem?

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It probably happens a lot more often than people realize …
… because most services don’t really skip a beat just because of a dropped packet.

A HTTP request can just be repeated.
Same goes for instant messaging, twitter, etc.
Things get far more complicated with real-time services like EVE though.

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Hello all – I’m going to try and cover some of the things you mention here in this thread.

Sorry, very long post; I recommend you get your favorite beverage.

But first a recent network/disconnect experience I had with a realtime online bike simulator I use for my training: Zwift (https://www.zwift.com/) that I’ll use for comparison and reference. Zwift is a single-shard multi-world setup, just like EVE is a single-shard multi-solarsystem setup. When I was riding in the afternoon on 26 Jan (doing a warmup) I noticed that the rider list disappeared and then the event I was going to didn’t show up. I finished the warmup and restarted to see if the issue would correct itself but then I could not even log in since the Zwift application couldn’t fetch the world list.

Very long story short: All the normal network debugging, flushes, reboots and resets/reinstalls didn’t help. Zwift’s Tech Support couldn’t help. The 1st level Tech Support at my ISP couldn’t see anything wrong. This is where I contacted directly a network admin at my ISP, a former network admin at CCP and also a Zwifter – so he understood all sides of this problem. There were at least three parts to the mystery:

  • A fiber cut on the US East Coast in the afternoon (UTC) of 26 Jan, see e.g. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/01/26/internet-outage-east-coast/.
  • A fiber cut in Northern Iceland at the same time in the afternoon of 26 Jan.
  • Congested overland backhauls in the United Kingdom (London) for submarine cables from the US, over which traffic coming from AWS us-east-1 (N. Virginia) and us-east-2 (Ohio) was carried, but Zwift hosts their game in us-east-1.

The network admin at my ISP redirected this traffic from the UK (London) to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) through BGP advertisement changes to mitigate the issue and then we simply waited for these fiber cuts to be repaired.

The moral of the story: Zwift’s Tech Support could not do anything and had no way to get any insight into what was happening. I was able to quickly mitigate the issue for myself since I had a personal contact at my ISP with understanding of all sides of the problem and the necessary tools.

So how does this relate to EVE? Well, network issues are just the nature of the internet. Very often it works to reboot your computer, router, fiber box – and/or waiting for an hour or two. Sometimes you need to contact your ISP to try and find out what’s going on. We always want to hear about these issues (through Technical Support Requests) since sometimes we can help or we can see a larger pattern we can act on.

In my Zwift example, I was testing on 3 different computers and on my iPad (and testing my iPad both on my local network and also while hotspotted through my phone). One of the computers and the iPad while hotspotted could connect but the others could not. :man_shrugging:

Well, that depends. In my Zwift example then everything else on my network was fine. I speed-checked the network both internally and externally and checked for packet drops, tested video streaming, my kids were playing games, I tested EVE, I tested various websites. All was good, except Zwift. Do you play other realtime games than EVE that are hosted in London in datacenters close to Heathrow?

That ‘whatever system’ is Cloudflare. Tranquility is both behind Cloudflare’s Magic Transit DDoS Mitigation and it also behind Cloudflare’s Spectrum Proxy. Tranquility is in general inaccessible from the internet, connections must come through Cloudflare’s systems. When we moved to Cloudflare we saw issues relating to specific ISPs and we resolved them by coordinating action between those ISPs and Cloudflare. Issues that have cropped up since then, if they can’t be resolved through normal debugging tactics on your local network, need to be escalated to your ISP.

Now, we still absolutely want to hear about your issues, both to help you debug your local network (normal reboot, flush, reset stuff, but we also know about routers that don’t work with EVE) but also in particular in case there is a larger pattern that we can act on with Cloudflare. When you send us a Technical Support Request, please make sure to include information on your geographical location, if you use VPN or not, what DNS resolver you use, who is your ISP, and a traceroute to tranquility.servers.eveonline.com so we can see what Cloudflare colocation center you connect through.



For a non technical person, I understood all that. Thanks for the explanation

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Thank you very much for appearing and posting a reply here in the Official Eve Online Forums.

In answer to your question, I honestly don’t know.

However there has been a few times that various Movie / TV internet sites that I watch have gone down but I always get a notification telling me I can’t connect, usually it’s in a page showing active / inactive connections along the route from me to the web to the domain site.

The issue with Eve is that most of the time the random disconnections happen for no apparent reason other than to kick you off the server and make you re-log. And as others have stated, it doesn’t affect all accounts on the same IP address. As such it seems more plausible that it’s a server issue than a connection or client issue.

Anyway, I rarely ever have any problems with it so it’s not a big issue for me. However I can most certainly understand the frustration expressed by others and I’d definitely voice my dissatisfaction if I was experiencing the issue more often…


I just had a weird disconnect with 2 running clients again. 1 was just sitting in space, doing nothing really and lost connection. The other was moving around, doing gate jumps every now and then and stayed connected. When I tried to connect the first account again, the game told me Server Connection Closed, so I had to click on Connect in the old log in screen to connect. Great experience all around.

Anyone else problems to connect to the server at the moment? Always getting the message “Server connection lost”…

Please see ongoing incident Cloudflare Status - Magic Transit Routing issues at Cloudflare.

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Yes, me. I’ll keep an eye on the Cloudflare issue.
Thank you for the update @CCP_Explorer

Cloudflare has resolved Cloudflare Status - Magic Transit Routing issues.

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They may have solved the issue on their side - however I still get disconnects on one Account and not on the other - both running on the same Machine.