Constant Disconnections

I’ve keep getting disconnected. Ive never seen it this bad before. I’ve read the eve support article on this. It seems ccp is just saying it’s not us, it’s you. But it is you ccp. I switched to hardwired to my router on my laptop. I switched to my gaming desktop. It keeps disconnecting to server. Is this another security issue like the DoS attack? Is this going to be fixed? With a game as old as yours I figured you would have it dialed in by now. Try to focus on your security instead of handing out bread crumbs.


CCP has been posting daily updates on their DDoS attacks and the issues their upstream network partners have had for the past two weeks.

Obviously you didnt read what was written. You took a quote out of context about my reference to their support article. And I did not say this was related to the DoS attack, I only asked.

This is what you asked, this is what I answered. Nothing out of context here.

i started having this same issue yesterday. still ongoing for me.

Are you on WideOpenWest Internet in the Ohio/Michigan area?

I ve been playing with no issues a d no disconnect this and the last month. I just read about ddos only thing i notice is time delay happens quicker than usual in our Region.
Coud be that our space is on a different node tho.

So coud really be you or your local isp or the region your in has a Server that got hit harder if it is that bad.

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