Constant disconnects

I figured I’d come back and poke around some, maybe resub if I got the hankering except every time I have logged in I constantly disconnect. I have tried a few times over the past few months.
I’ve tried all the stuff I read, disable gaming mode in windows 10 etc.
I have fiber now, had cable for all the years I played and I never had disconnect issues except for the usual familiar EVE disconnects, final room of a 10/10 plex with a 3b Loki or something. Now I don’t even have to undock, all I have to do is select another player to see info or something, it hangs forever and finally disconnects.
Needless to say not resubbing.

EVE Support has some suggestions for this on EVE Support: Disconnects, Socket closed

If the above did not resolve your issue then please submit a ticket on our help center:

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Network Diagnostics

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Your mileage varies. All you can do is to make sure your tech is working.

In my case, after doing lots of trace routes and ping tests I concluded its not CCP server related but the connection breaks at certain internet provider routers.

Not gonna go deep into geopolitics but depending on from where you are connecting there are disruptions. I’m sure there are VPN options etc. but hell no.

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