Constant disconnects

So i live in the middle of nowhere with only Sat internet available to me so i have an unlimited tether plan with my cell company. I have never had any issues playing eve even with 5 accounts active and mining/ratting. Recently i have no idea what happend but i cannot stay connected to eve somtimes its instant and i cant even get to char select screen and sometimes its a few miniutes after i log in but i am constantly disconnected or completely unable to log in. This only started 2-3 weeks ago not sure if CCP changed something in their back-end that is affecting my connections but up until recently i have NEVER had any connection issues in the past 4-5 years of playing this game while tethered to my phone. While tethered i cannot ping anything outside of my local network my cell carrier blocks ICMP so dont tell me to network diag as without ping capability it will fail. Just as a test i attempted to VPN and i had absolutely no disconnects at all the latency was annoying but i had absolutely no issues staying connected.

Anyone got any info or suggestions that might save me a bit a headache?

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