Lagging and disconnects

Happening far more now than normal. Lags. Lags. Hangs up. Disconnects.
It did not do this so badly before. I have been off Eve for a while. I had things to do.
I got back into the game and noticed this.

I honestly do not know if its my equipment that is causing the issues or something else.
Other games do not do this. I can stream without a problem.

I am at a loss as to what to do now. I am not very tech savy, and if something breaks its not so easy for me to solve.

All I can say is that at one time I did not run into these problems. Disconnects happened.
It did sometimes take a bit of time to catch up while undocking or jumping a gate.

Now? It mad me made enough to just quit the game. It happens quite a bit now.
It is frustrating. I just paid for another subscription to. Any help would be much appreciated.

EVE Support has some suggestions for this on EVE Support: Disconnects, Socket closed

If the above did not resolve your issue then please submit a ticket on our help center:

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Be sure to add the following information:

Network Diagnostics

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