Socket closed/Client Command lag

Is anyone else getting random “socket closed” and command lag? Ex: Taking forever to jump through a gate, or random jumps of lag.

If I run one client it cuts down on it, but still an ever present annoyance. Two or Three clients is out of the question, and I have good internet, a good PC. I have messed around with it at home trying different internet connections, I even uninstalled the EVE client and cleaned the whole hard drive of EVE, reinstalled and it is still the same.

If anyone has a remedy for this please let me know.

Yeap, this has become a daily thing for me. I had to leave a corp with pvp toon, because I don’t feel comfortable flying around knowing I could disconnect at anytime. This is frustrating to say the lease. Nothing will be done though, never does.

yep. pretty much constantly since I started a corp and recruited a member who was hacking alpha accounts, I got a forced update to an app where it was untimely, I noticed it, and since then Ive had 100% downgrade of performance in my computer. even out of the game. I know I have been hacked. I have a friend helping me trace things down but looks like the offender covered their tracks.

CCP wont do ■■■■ to even help.

So ■■■■ ccp. you earned daily DDOS when i get a bot net up! yep… ■■■■ you. ban my accounts… I have a new hobby now, ruining ccp shares.

Seriously CCP, I love this game and have loved it since 05. But this is insane, I was online for less than 5 minutes and I couldn’t connect to any of my chats at all. It just kept losing connection, then reconnecting etc…

Please at least tell me you are working on something to remedy this.

I see a lot of players playing with out any issue.

So i am asking is it possible that some one shutting down the connections ??
Is it possible that some player can target specific player to control them connection
to EVE servers or cause issue with it?

I really want to understand how player react with each other.
do they create a connection to each other because they are in same local ?

Different question. Is it possible that the username can be detected?

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