Unable to connect/ No socket

I was playing just fine up until yesterday afternoon. Now I have tried logging in every hour on the hour an still unable to even see character screen. Does anyone else have tis problem/ anyone know any fix for this issue?

Ccp, “tech experts”, and fanbois will tell you that it is your modem/router/ISP.

I mean i guess technically they are correct.

It is also correct to say at the same time though that you could have like 3-5 OTHER MMOS/ONLINE VIDEO GAMES up and running at same time, and ONLY EVE WILL “LOSE SOCKET/DISCONNECT”

Its how the eve server handles inactivity/packets.

It also has to do with the slow ass 1HZ tick rate and the over 12year old programming.

So yeah, upgrade your router, switch ISPs, use hardline etc etc etc…

Yet eve is the only garbagely programed game/server that will disconnect you due to dropping some packets.

Other games just has you lag more or “rubberband” more or idle/timeout etc.

Eve just straight up freaks out, stalls and disconnects you if you experience EVEN SMALL HICCUPS in transmission.

Such terrible programming from almost last century.

But you sure “not ccp’s problem” lol.

Fake news


I’ve never had/seen a complete denial to connect like you’re describing.

For almost a year now I’ve personally had random socket closures at random times of the day on random clients. Have 7 up, 2 drop after 10 minutes, an hour later 3 more drop, two hours later all but one drop. It’s really odd and I have yet to discover it’s cause because I’ve had days go by where nothing socket closes.

Even ping plotter doesn’t show and correlation to packet loss and socket closures, though I’ve seen that the few hops here in the states before jumping to London are horrid at times. I even have a different modem/router now than when it all started. So your guess is as good as mine if they’re at all related.

ive hard that problem before, it eventually stopped. ive having the issue now where I just downloaded the patch today and cant connect to server now.

Could not connect to the specified address. Odds are that you have not established an internet connection, the server isn’t running, or the server address or port number was wrong.

even after the clinet just killed 300mb or so of data on my phone doing some stealth download that I usually get to kill before it happens. so I cant play eve at all atm

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Try this, at the top of the launcher click on the “E” to get the menu
Click on "Server List"
You should get a pop up window with Tranquility and Singularity listed …
Click on “Play on Tranquility”

I have had this issue (the same message you are seeing) on SISI for coming up to a year now. The above is the work around.

Please Bug Report this.

had 2 sockets closures on both accounts today, ill try the workaround that @Chan_aar mentions and see if it makes a difference

Probably won’t help with the closed socket issue, that is just the internet in general being bad and traffic between you and the server getting delayed or being dropped.

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