Socket errors, this has gone far enough

Right, i dont know exactly how long this ■■■■ has lasted, but it has been a year at least now.
CCP has always claimed that there is no fault at their end, yet I get socket errors usually several times a day, and some evenings up to 2-3 pr hour.
Now, you could blame hardware, etc etc, but i had the problem on my old laptop, and on my new pc, I had the problem on my old router, and on my new.

However, I dont have this issue in any other online game, nor do i experience this issue on my other accounts, at least not nearly as often as i do on this char. That to me is a proof that the fault isnt at all here with me, but it has something to do with CCP, so can you for the love of god look into it, as its not just annoying, its actually quite costly for someone that likes to pvp.

You know it might be your ISP? Or somewhere else along that chain, right?

That only affect one account, for over a year?

Don’t know if this would help, but do your accounts differ in what occupations/actions your toons does? There have been reports that keeping the help channel open has resulted in reduced socket close incidents, working theory says it might have to do to a constant and consistent signal traffic to the server. I, too, have had more dc/ socket closures with EVE than any other game, but that may be because it is the only game I play that is based in London. If you find a solution that works for you, please post so that others can benefit.


Thanks, gonna give the help channel trick a shot, but no, the chars usually are doing the same thing (multiboxing in pvp etc), which is why its so annoying that it allways happens to this char, which after all is my main.

I run several accounts simultaneous. Lastnight i had a socket error while doing data hacking in the same system i had my second account station spinning. One char had the socket closed whilst the other in station was fine. So yes ISP and Network issues can be at fault but not when one char is online while the other from the same computer with the same network and ISP gets kicked due to socket error…

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As a matter of gathering more info, besides how active they were, was there any differences in how the two toons were set up? Specifically, the hacking toons was actively sending data to the server, but disconnected, while the toon station spinning remained “passive”: did your station toons have any active channels up and running? Did your hacking toon have any channels up and active? Just trying to find an answer, since this problem has been long running and very common.

Bumping to see if new reports/possible solutions.

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That’s not an accurate statement. Internet routing is an extremely complex thing, and it’s entirely possible that traffic belonging to only one of those clients got routed differently than the other, triggering whatever condition is causing this error. The fact that the end points for both clients are the same is no guarantee that traffic for those clients will behave he same way.

True, but the chance of it happening to only one char over such a long period suggests its not random at all.

TWO things have lowered the chance of DC happening:

*using a VPN based in London
*having the HELP channel added ingame

Havnt had a chance to be to much on since i posted the OP, but I havnt had a single socket error since doing this, which is great.

Bumping to see if you have had any relief so far.

I’ve had similar problems with random disconnects for 2-3 months…tried everything…and I do mean everything. Its making me risk adverse and I don’t like that. To add, only Eve drops connection.

Actually, not a single dc on any account since i joined the help channel with every char i have.
Its heaven on earth atm =)

And damnit, here it comes again. Was great while it lasted tho.

Not sure if this is significant to the problem, but may disconnects on longer AFK time seem to happen only if I’m docked in a citadel. When staying cloaked outside in the system, no socket close the whole day.

Well, since i first made the OP and joined the help channel ive only had one socket error, while I in the past used to have at least one or two an hour, so for me, that trick really worked.

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