Socket Loss & Chat Errors tonight

Hi, I’m not use to all of these errors in a game but then again I have only been playing Eve for a couple of months now. Tonight just like the previous night, I ended up disconnecting from the game at least twice with Socket Closed error and now tonight I am getting this error: Could not connect to chat server at ensure that this port isn’t blocked.Retry?

I have nothing blocked on my end and yes there seemed to be some kind of issue on the internet because I was able to reach yahoo but not google for a period of time. I only got here using yahoo search engine because google’s was non-responsive.

Is there a way for me not to get the socket loss error? This is important to me because I do a lot wormhole exploring and losing connection there could be deadly… lol.

Any tips of suggestions would be great too.

Thanks in advance.


despite the fact that hundreds of people in multiple countries using multiple ISPs and despite the that that it ONLY seems to affect eve. the issue is not with CCP :roll_eyes: (so we are told)

This happens litteraly ever 5-30 minutes for me during late EUTZ, it’s getting annoying as hell.

yeaaah… I just reinstalled… and am uninstalling it again… the game is unplayable… I get DCed every 10-15 mins

Yep dc every 5 to 10 mins here as well. Maybe i need to play in chinese and it wont dc. But seriously CCP stop fixing ■■■■ that aint broken and fix the ■■■■ that is

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