Socket Loss & Chat Errors tonight

(Ryousuke Takahashi) #1

Hi, I’m not use to all of these errors in a game but then again I have only been playing Eve for a couple of months now. Tonight just like the previous night, I ended up disconnecting from the game at least twice with Socket Closed error and now tonight I am getting this error: Could not connect to chat server at ensure that this port isn’t blocked.Retry?

I have nothing blocked on my end and yes there seemed to be some kind of issue on the internet because I was able to reach yahoo but not google for a period of time. I only got here using yahoo search engine because google’s was non-responsive.

Is there a way for me not to get the socket loss error? This is important to me because I do a lot wormhole exploring and losing connection there could be deadly… lol.

Any tips of suggestions would be great too.

Thanks in advance.


(Giddy McFee) #2

despite the fact that hundreds of people in multiple countries using multiple ISPs and despite the that that it ONLY seems to affect eve. the issue is not with CCP :roll_eyes: (so we are told)

(Don Guru) #3

This happens litteraly ever 5-30 minutes for me during late EUTZ, it’s getting annoying as hell.

(Yd Landark) #4

yeaaah… I just reinstalled… and am uninstalling it again… the game is unplayable… I get DCed every 10-15 mins

(Explorer Girl) #5

Yep dc every 5 to 10 mins here as well. Maybe i need to play in chinese and it wont dc. But seriously CCP stop fixing ■■■■ that aint broken and fix the ■■■■ that is