Socket closed

(jita lolol) #1

Socket closed just started popping up when i open more than 3 clients wtf CCP

Socket closed a lot these past 20 minutes?
(Ancy Denaries) #2

Yeah, nothing works in the client atm. Can’t open inventories, load orders or anything. But I’m still connected, apparently.

(Lyra Swift) #3

I got the same issue as soon as I tried opening a 2nd client :frowning:

(Joshua Foiritain) #4

-10 fleet members lel. gg would fight again.

(Farrow Tsasa) #5

can confirm - multiple socket closures!

(Cpt Pugwash) #6

Socket closed and cannot complete handshake to log back in

(Mister Ark) #7

Getting same thing, constant socket closed on all accounts and can’t log back in most of the time, failing handshake.

(JDefault Davyham) #8

fleet members keep DC’ing every minute, this is effecting my gameplay, theres not even tidi in my system

(Darth Beli) #9

First client goes unresponsive then socket closed… then again unresponsive for 2 mins… waiting for the next socket closed :frowning:

(zieg zion) #10

CCP FIX YOUR server please

(Gay Borg) #11

!!! socket closed !!!

(Panda Solette) #12

Socket closes on multiple occasions on multiple toons in a bunch of different places.

(JDefault Davyham) #13

OH great now the FC cant log back in, the people that keep this game alive cant even log in

(Wira Darkmoon) #14

Thought it was just me, it’s clearly not. I can reconnect but I’m getting constant socket closed messages on all my accounts whilst web and mumble remains up.

(gabrial13) #15

I have dropped 5 times in past hour so I ask, WTF CCP .
On a more constructive note I believe this is affecting EU people
at the moment

(Sloth77) #16

Add another to the list. I predict an unscheduled server restart…

(Maralek) #17

dc’d 3 times on 09/09/2018

(Lord Drax) #18

socket closed for the 9th time in the last 30 mins. Real fun this.

(Hlamon) #19

This is time to get back this “DDOS” damage control unit. Really, CCP, fix your game. Oh wait, it’s not yours anymore.

(Andrey Andorsson) #20

I’ve “Socket Closed Connection Lost” message quite frequently for the past several years. Sometimes several times a day. This is persistent problem. Are developers going to fix it someday?