Socket Closed

For last 2 days i keep getting socket closed on all accounts while active in game.

If you used the search facility of this forum, you would see this is a common issue and has been for some time

Have same issue. For today about 20+ disconnects every hour, sometime 4-6 disconnects in a hour. How can I play this *hit? And who gonna refund all my losses!?!?!

Socket closed twice while in fleet last night about 23:30 EVT and since down time I have had socket closed 3 times in a row on both accounts, only managing to be online for about 10 minutes at a time.

Something isn’t working as intended. Not just me on each of these occasions, seems to be affecting numerous people from the comments I am seeing.

Yah I have same issue to. I wanted to created topic but found this one.
It was not that often or bad, but now also game freezes often and only logout on windows I can exit.
Both combined happen pretty much every hour or so.

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